Is Poor Web Design the Reason Behind Your Conversion Decline?

Selling your merchandise via online platforms are not like you ever imaged. You will come to learn that no matter how good and superior your products are, you simply cannot beat the competition if they lack the appeal of an attractive web design. A good web design is like a well-dressed salesman knocking at your door. You know you don’t have the cash to buy what he is selling, but you most definitely would like to hear what he has to say.

In the online scenario, the visitors likes to scroll down a web page if they are attracted enough to take interest into products and services you are offering. They won’t stay more if the design is not appealing, eye catching and serve a convenient user experience.

Due to the limited time – a few seconds – a visitor spends on your website, the overall design needs to be perfectly created to give them a magnanimous experience and compel them to browse it further.

Generally, the web design comprises of various factors that make a big impact on lead generation and conversion ratios. A layman may not verbally evaluate the improvement of minor changes to the design, images, typography and other, but its poor management will unconsciously compel him to leave the website, affecting the conversion rate and revenues.

The Impact of a Web Design over Conversions

Conversion means turning a visitor into your loyal customers. The visitors, who scroll down the products and service page, need a reason to pay for the items. For turning them into paying visitors, the attractive looks and glamorous designs do not work alone.

A business website is not created to represent an artwork to the audience. Focusing excessively on the color patterns and creative design will stop you from improving the user experience through lots of other issues.

An effective web design is the one that documents the solution to most of the problems people are searching for. Enhancing the front view and ignoring the reason why shall people invest in your products and services will highly decrease the conversion rate. You can also read these e-commerce trends and statistics that highlight different consumer behaviors that affect the conversion rates.

Customers are looking for the purpose, key features, the benefits and information to make up their minds and finalize the purchase. They want the information to be represented clearly on the relevant product or service page, and that nothing is concealed beside an attractive design.

Key Factors to Identify a Poor Web Design

The rise and fall in revenues may subject to various factors of a web design, and not limited to the captivating looks. The factors are listed in detail to let you identify and improve the different aspects of a web design that is resulting in a conversion decline.

1. Unnatural Sequence of Pages

The sequence of the content placement is a matter of consideration, as the users are habitual to read and scan in a natural order. When they account for an unnatural arrangement of products, categories, services and CMS pages, they wander into the store and leave with disappointment.

To have them on board, the designers shall work closely with the managers to find relevancy between web pages and tries to connect them with a common thread like placing them into particular categories and its sub-branches. It will create logical order between different pages and enhance customer understanding.

2. Conventional home page

These days, having a conventional home page with a simple welcome message is not favored the most. Visitors want to find an average amount of content – neither short nor longer – to get a simple idea of what a website is offering.

In conventional home pages, visitors had to browse the subpages and dig out the facts about the business and its offerings, but now they want a bit of everything on the front. Try to customize the page according to your goals and maximize the revenues.

3. Immature photography

Clarity, relevance, and uniqueness are among the few high-quality standards for adding images to a website. The use of blur or inappropriate photos turns the design sloppy and unpleasant for the end consumers.

Switch to professional photography to achieve higher user engagement and an increase conversion ratio. It will also set you free from other issues like copyrights and plagiarism.

4. The absence of landing pages

Landing pages are created to achieve different goals from its respective pages. For example, different pages shall be created to achieve goals like enhancing email subscribers, social media followings, displaying promotional offers, etc.

5. Not mobile friendly

More than 80% of the internet users are browsing through their cell phones or other handheld devices. Have an online business that does not cater to their needs may result in loss of a great clientele.

A bad web design can be judged by the way it appears on varying screen sizes. The customers may not visit with a standard sized screen, as some of them may use cell phones and tablets of different brands.

6. Time-Consuming Pagination

Excessive pagination gives an impression of too much on the website and the customer decides to leave the page, as turning to another page and finding a desirable page seems to be impossible.

You may take it for granted, but it may eventual decline your conversions. Try to design the page in a way that further posts and products instantly reload as a visitor scrolls down the page.

7. Additional social media buttons

Online visitors like to interact with their favorite brands, resellers and services providers only when they are really impressed. Adding 2-3 social buttons of the prominent networks is quite acceptable, but more than that means you are grabbing them forcefully.

8. Page speed

In addition to the fact that page speed is a ranking factor, the customers also regret the idea to purchase from a shop that is too slow in loading the pages. The famous search engines also seek exceptional user experience that’s why they have included it a ranking factor through the bounce rate.

The designers and developers are responsible of improving web speed as it counts towards the decline in your sales figure.


A successful business is symbolized by its increasing revenues which depend on lots of factors. The web design that is consumer-centered and has to offer ultimate convenience to the target audience is a core driving force behind the hype in sales figure.

To most of the marketers and designers, the attractive is the key factors in turning visitors into customers, whereas the above factors also prove to be effective in achieving a higher conversion ratio.


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