paGO Commerce Now Available as Omnichannel Solution

‘corePHP’ is excited to announce an added benefit for all paGO Commerce users. Through a partnership with International Bancard, paGO Commerce is now available as an omnichannel solution. paGO Commerce can now serve as your sole-source provider for store owners, instead of the need for multiple payment providers which in return increases processing fees. This means paGO Commerce can be your payment processor of choice whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a brick and mortar store. This process creates a more streamlined approach for store owners across the board. Utilize paGO Commerce to process all of your orders today!

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Who is International Bancard?
International Bancard is a retail store solution, in addition to assisting businesses online, onsite and on-the-go! International Bancard enables businesses to accept payments safely and securely, including credit and debit card processing, ACH, check and gift cards.

‘corePHP’ continues to advance paGO Commerce into the leading e-commerce provider for the Joomla! marketspace. Debuted a little over two years ago, paGO Commerce has taken the industry by storm by being a truly commercial grade e-commerce shopping cart for Joomla!

Due to its ability to run natively “out of the box” with no core hacks or workarounds, paGO is powerful, modular by design and easy to customize. The future of paGO is limitless as it has been designed to easily adapt to your business and your customer profile. Best of all, paGO Commerce is free for all. So, download it now and get selling!

Get started today selling your products through paGO Commerce in your brick-and-mortar store! Contact International Bancard for assistance in processing sales.


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