Monthly listeners are a new gold on Spotify!


Hey! Surely you are now a novice musician, and you are a little lost in this huge field of music creation, because in addition to writing it, there is also a choice of a platform, uploading tracks, musical promotion, analysis of various statistics and algorithms, and much more. But don’t worry, all of this can be understood and applied successfully to transform yourself into a popular artist.

Let’s start with the fact that of course you have already looked and chose a platform for uploading songs. And Spotify must have become that platform, with an audience of over 350 million users. And you will certainly find an audience of listeners among such a huge number of people. The only question is how big an audience you will find. This is where we come to the topic of statistics on Spotify. Here you can track the number of listens, likes, subscriptions and Spotify monthly listeners for the last 28 days. The main criteria to follow are auditions and monthly listeners. While everything seems to be clear with the first criterion, the second raises questions for many novice artists. So what is it? This statistic shows how many unique users listened to you in the last month. And no matter how many times they listened to the compositions, one user is counted once. That is, in fact, your audience for which you perform your tracks. This is a very important statistic because it gives you an idea of ​​the size of your popularity among users.

Also, comparing it with auditions, you can understand how much the audience listens to your songs, and how many times they are ready to listen to them on repeat. Comparing these categories is also important for Spotify’s algorithms, because they analyze everything and decide which artists to raise to the top, and which ones will not benefit them. After all, if your listener number grows, but monthly listeners stand still, then the algorithms will decide that you are more of a local performer for a small group of people than a future popular artist. But when both of these indicators begin to grow, then Spotify will understand that you are a new potential popular artist and will promote you to the top, add to playlists with the best songs and recommend to users. So a large number of people will be able to recognize you and stay with you, thereby improving your statistics and helping to become even more popular.

So, summing up, I want to say that it is important to monitor not only the quality of your tracks, but also the statistics, which are important for assessing your progress. Remember to follow and compare Spotify monthly listeners to listens and make a plan for your promotion. And then popularity will not keep you waiting long.



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