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Are you one of the thousands of Amazon Webstore users who will be stranded when they have their service discontinued on July 1st, 2016? Don’t let your e-commerce store be left in the cold and stay away from the unnecessary costs associated with a paid service, such as Shopify and BigCommerce, just to name a few.

Join the over 1,200+ users and download paGO Commerce to avoid seeing your profits stripped from your business today. What is paGO Commerce you ask? paGO is the leading e-commerce platform for Joomla! and is completely free to utilize. This means you can avoid paying upwards of $948 a year for an e-commerce service provider. Plus, you own 100% of your content, so you can do as you please with your information.

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No Finanical Commitment

With no upfront commitment, paGO Commerce allows you time to completely tailor your storefront, all while not incurring unnecessary service fees. This means you can get your store up and running the way you want it to be, the first time. The only fees you incur, 3.45% + 35¢ per transaction, with paGO Commerce are for every successfully completed transaction made through the paGO QuickPay system.

paGO QuickPay allows you to improve your store’s cash flow with its ability to transfer funds in record time automatically to your bank account. This allows you to always know your balance, giving you more time to have fun and do as you please.

Responsive Platform

paGO Commerce enables you to position your e-commerce store in front of your customer, no matter their location or device. With a fully responsive platform, your store can be positioned in front of your mobile buyers. paGO Commerce allows you to sell to your customers on any device, wherever they go, or wherever you go. Go anywhere. Sell everywhere.

Don’t allow yourself to see your earning potential capped by your service provider. paGO Commerce does not limit your annual sales potential, as is the case with some competitors. Take paGO Commerce to infinity and beyond!

Migrate to paGO Commerce Today!

Are you afraid to migrate your current platform? Contact ‘corePHP’ to assist with migrating your store to paGO Commerce. With paGO Commerce’s easy to deploy functionality, your store will be up and functioning in no time.

Migrate today to paGO Commerce as ‘corePHP’ is your complete Amazon Webstore migration solution. After July 1st, 2016, you might just be back on the street without an e-commerce platform. Contact us for assistance with migrating your store today!

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