How to Leverage Social Proof on Your Blog

Social proof helps you to establish more credibility to your account. While doing so, your target audience is shown that other people trust you. It is where all the positive about your business is mentioned.

The next question that arises is how do you make the most of your social proof in the most effective ways? In this blog we will further discuss the ways to leverage social proof for you to find actual customers from the target audience and generate endless revenue.

What is social proof?

To start with in a plain language lets just state that social proof could be anything which someone or an entity outside your company – another brand, an influencer, a customer, etc talk about your product online only to emphasise that they like your services. To add on to this further one could say that even a testimonial or a feedback that comes from a client or an industry expert’s letter box is also a social proof.

In the simplest terms of all, anything positive mentioned about your brand on the online word can be considered as a social proof and can be further used to increase your presence and sales.

Without further ado here are some of the best ways to leverage social proof for your brand-

1. Feedbacks and testimonials

This can be practiced when your customer is really content with your brand and services. In such cases, customers are happily willing to share an experience online. Positive reviews should be shared on social media websites like- Google, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook etc with proper credits given to the original author. The social proof becomes legitimate.

You don’t need to worry if you do have reviews yet, you can ask for it from your customers. All it takes an email or maybe a shout out on social media channels requesting honest feedback. And let’s be honest here, feedback helps to fill in the gaps in the questions of what more your customer needs.


2. Brand with Influencers

Do you wish to take over the internet with a webinar or a live session? Instead of running in the race all by yourself tie up with an influencer who can influence the reach to your brand.

While you are at it, be sure to pick up someone who can benefit themselves with an audience that speaks and listens. When you join hands with someone to a single mission, even the journey is worth remembering.

Have you been thinking of expanding the reach to even a broader range? Look out for more innovative ways to create content that can win the best elevator pitch down right. Social media is fire and influencers are the fuels for it.

3. Highlight your accomplishments

Is there a certification course from Facebook or Google signed with appreciation just lying idle in your systems disk? Do you have an award awarded by a leader leading in your very industry? Are you the ‘Best’ of something? If the answer to any of this question or for both of them is yes, congratulations! Recognizables have already recognised you.

Highlighting such achievements can help you win a potential customer’s interest. Put those badges up on your social media channels, you have all the rights to flaunt what you won, it will just make the picture more colorful.

4. Be responsive

You could be treasuring clouds of social proof for your brand even without you having to look at it. So here is a reminder- look at it! Listen and be aware of everything which is being talked about your brand. Yes, everything- the good and the bad as well.

At times when you receive positive feedback, be considerate enough to acknowledge it and reply to it with the most thoughtful words. On the other hand when you receive negative comments and criticism to not pump blood with a smaller heart. Negative comments are best dealt with responses that are quick, diabolical, witty. Put all of it in a comment and look how your audience is impressed with you.

5. Sparkle the best sellers

There are always some products which do better than the rest. Such products should be and rather we should say MUST be showcased in the from and the center. Place them on your home page and do not forget to highlight them with sparkles and bows that they deserve. Pin the products with the badge of ‘Bestseller’ or ‘Top seller’ if that speaks more to you.

You need clients to have a fast method to tell which items they should zero in on, particularly in the event that they’ve never made a buy from your organization previously. Since individuals will in general need what others have, realizing that different clients bought a particular item is frequently enough to get them to need that thing, as well.

6. Make a statement with stats

You can show your followers that they too land in the category of the section of interested parties, simply by showcasing your stats. It has been a really normal notion to check out other people’s cart items while standing in a queue. While into this, one might also experience FOMO, the fear of missing out the product before its sold out.

To work wonders, you can choose to showcase the number of people that are currently on your website, in case you run a newsletter you can show the number of subscribers you have. Similarly one can also put on the number of people that have downloaded and read your ebook and just sit there and witness the wonderful impact it can create.

Final thoughts

Social proof can turn out to be a great help in establishing trust since when people see that other customers are having an ecstatic experience from your services and they wish to have the same experience as well.

People have an innate need to adjust, and when something looks encouraging and satisfying, it’s entirely expected to need to get that thing for oneself. By utilizing social confirmation for your potential benefit, you can acquire clients who trust you from the beginning.

Anup kumar

Mr. Anup Kumar is the Co-Founder of TechGropse Pvt Ltd. He has long-term experience in the Software Industry and holds his expertise in many different technologies. Also, Mr. Anup has authored many blogs on different topics of the industry such as flutter, Wearable app development, iPhone app development company, blockchain, mobile game, etc.


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