Knowledge Is Power: How to Enhance Your Marketing Skills

As a marketer, you should be equipped with a broad knowledge base that helps you in your career pursuits. There are specific areas of knowledge and exercised skills that contribute to more effective campaigns and stronger professional relationships. Here are some specific categories in which you should gain expertise as well as how you can enhance your intelligence:


It is important that you learn about the intricacies of your customers’ consumer behavior. Once you know how you can target the psychology of a certain demographic, your campaigns will be more effective. Emotion is a key factor in the decision-making process. Antonio Damasio, a neuroscience professor at the University of Southern California, explains in his book Descartes’ Error that people don’t have a completely rational process of decisive behavior. Humans subconsciously relate emotional experiences with the value of the options presented to them. The emotions that have the strongest effect on consumers’ brand evaluation are fear, guilt, greed, anger, flattery, exclusivity and salvation. Exclusivity, for example, is the emotion that guides consumers toward brand name products that represent a highly regarded status of wealth and expensive taste.

Seminars and Webinars

Seminars help break the routine of how you gather knowledge with your team. You can only research so much information through your own volition that will be retained and will actually satisfy what you need to learn. Enroll in a seminar or webinar that will provide instruction from a leader who guides you through the fundamental touch points of the subject. By participating in a seminar, you can fully focus on the training and not become distracted by frequent interruptions that occur in the office.

There are many types of seminars that can help you learn more about the client you represent and how you can best serve them. Moody’s Analytics, for example, has a wide variety of accredited seminars that are relevant to clients involved in the global financial markets. You can also enroll in a seminar that will enhance your marketing skills and help you learn about current trends and the methods of success in your field.

Creative Thinking

Creativity and innovation are imperative for career success. Creativity can be deterred by heavy workloads, tight deadlines, business processes, stubborn colleagues or clients and a limited budget. Learn how you can implement exercises and simple changes for an increase in creative flow.

You can enhance your own productivity and foster a more unique frame of mind through activities like meditation and improv. These disciplines are different in their practice, but both encourage the production of a steady stream of consciousness. Head Space is an app that guides you through 10-minute meditation exercises that you can do in your office. The app also offers meditation guides that specifically relate to creative thought.

Increase the creativity of your team through setting goals that will reap rewards. Enter marketing competitions to excite your team and help them brainstorm strong content.


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