Key Reasons WordPress Remains A Popular Choice For Website Owners

You might have already heard that WordPress is the best option for any website owner. That’s why you are here as WordPress provides an easy solution for any business type. Small and mid-sized companies consider the cost, manageability and ease of setting up a website more than more prominent companies. Most of the time, many businesses don’t have enough funds and resources to hire an entire team to build and manage their website.

The popularity of WordPress is associated with the availability of highly useful tools to improve the functions of a website. It’s also free to use, easy to manage, and there are various online resources to help you through your website setup. Here are six important reasons why WordPress is still a popular choice for website owners.

Easy to Setup

As a business owner, you don’t want to waste a lot of time setting up your website as there are other important business-activities you need to achieve. WordPress web design is very straightforward, and you can set it up in these easy ways:

  • Find a domain name
  • Register for a reliable web hosting
  • Acquire some WordPress plugins that will help your site to grow
  • Create pages and start posting

Your website will be created once you’ve gone through these easy steps. You can also choose a suitable theme for your website. These can all be done using the friendly user interface that WordPress has. Besides, there’s no need to learn to code.

It’s Free and Open Source

Both and are free to use. is the self-hosted version where you control a more significant part of your website. You can also use advanced versions of plugins in it. is an excellent option for complete beginners. However, it’s not recommended for a business that targets to make money. It is only best for personal and hobby blogs. As a business owner, it’s more advisable that you use instead of

WordPress is free to download for anyone. It’s an open-source project meaning that a group of contributors develops it. Open-source projects are usually free and involve large communities. Although WordPress is free, you might have to spend some money when hosting it. This takes us to our next point.


As already mentioned, you need a domain and web host to start. You can get these from various providers, with a wide range of costs. Basically, the fees vary between $3 and $100 depending on your needs.

WordPress is a website builder and a free blogging platform. You will be able to build a fully functioning website using WordPress, and your costs can be under $100. Once you have a theme and set up your plugins, you pretty much have a straightforward WordPress site. However, you have to go a step further and invest in your website to make it suit your needs and work effectively for you. There are many free plugins out there, but premium plugins are much better for a customized and the specialized needs of your business.

Still, WordPress remains cost-effective since it’s an open-source platform that has a lot of free plugins developed by the community that mainly uses WordPress. There are also no limitations that you have to pay more to do more. The ability to find great and free plugins that boost the functionality of your website is, by far, one of the most prominent benefits of building your website using WordPress.


Many people think that WordPress is primarily for creating blogs. It was a blogging platform at some point because it was developed as one. However, that has changed drastically over time.

WordPress becomes even more useful because of its blogging roots. It’s one of the fastest ways to write and publish blog articles. Some website building tools think about design and functionality first, and then blogging comes later. However, this isn’t the case with WordPress.

With WordPress, you can create an e-commerce site and creating a blog can be an integral part of the development process. Furthermore, there are different kind of websites that you can create using WordPress.

For example, you can create your portfolios, even forums and job boards. Some functions of websites like forums and e-commerce site are achieved by simply using plugins and themes.


Setting up a WordPress site is a vital investment for many companies. This is regardless of whether they are building a new one or restoring an old one. You might not have enough funds or resources to build the entire website when you start to build your website, and that’s okay.

You can start with a clean and straightforward website to show your customers for the meantime. You can add what you need page by page or feature by feature moving forward.

Also, as your business grows and your needs become more, you can enhance the functionality of your website. For example, if you sell a product and your market grows and need to cover a more significant target market, you can include an online shop and start selling your product online. A website made in WordPress can help your business grow to meet your needs.

Some of the other platforms own the rights to your content or limit your hosting capacities and requirements. However, when you build a website using WordPress, you own your content, and you are also able to choose what web hosting you’ll use.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial if you want your website to perform well in search engines. The ability to build SEO into your website makes WordPress a better option than other platforms.

WordPress automatically generates title tags and meta-descriptions for all your pages and posts. This allows search engines to know about your content, get your website indexed and potentially moved up the ranks.

WordPress allows users to have highly effective SEO plugins such as Yoast. This helps your website gain control over targeted keywords. Besides, it enables you to have an image SEO strategy that includes alt tags and distinctive image names based on keywords.

The ability to host your website with the web hosting of your choice gives you more control over your website’s loading speed. Website loading speed is a vital factor in SEO. Slow page speed negatively affects Google ranking and user experience. Surely, no one wants that for their website.

Key Takeaways

Many things can be done using WordPress, and this is why it remains the number one choice for website owners. Companies don’t just love it because it is free but because it’s also easy to use saves you money in web hosting and other operational fees. You can build various types of websites as it’s not only limited to blogs. Besides, it generates title tags and meta-descriptions for your site, which helps it rank higher in search engines.

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Key Reasons WordPress Remains A Popular Choice For Website Owners

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