JPhoto 2.0 for Joomla 2.5 – new UI enhancements and more

We have been hard at work updating JPhoto for Joomla! 2.5 and it has become one of the hottest photo gallery components out on the Joomla market today. It’s great to see our product being chosen as the #1 photo gallery by Joomla! users and we want to continue this trend. We continue to have many users sharing amazing comments as JPhoto evolved over the years since we launched and the results are usually very positive. Each release since the initial release has included bug fixes, feature enhancements, new plugins for gallery layouts and more. In our latest release we focused on usability with a new UI to make the administration life more efficient so now you will find that it will be easier to manage your photos within JPhoto. Lets take a peek at the exciting new features:

New UI Elements:

JPhoto just received a makeover and it sure looks AMAZING. JPhoto admin panel has enhanced usability with the new UI. We feel that our users are now going to get more out of the new design than in previous versions. Take a look for yourself!

Improved button design bringing the entire JPhoto experience together.

In the previous version of JPhoto we provided the ability to edit JPhoto Plugins and stay within the JPhoto interface. Now with the new UI, we have given it a fresh new look and improved capabilities for managing the available plugins. This allows you to much more easily modify your site without leaving the familiar JPhoto interface.

Drag and Drop:

One of the most TIME consuming things when managing photos (or any large amount of data) is the ordering process. We feel that Joomla really lacks in a usable ordering method. Just imagine if you had over 100 images in one category and you need to move one photo. The reordering process will take some time. Now in JPhoto you can manage the order of your photos EASIER than ever before. All you have to do is click on the image and drag and drop in the order that is required. We now reduced the amount of time you spend ordering your gallery.


 New in JPhoto 2.0.

JPhoto Tag frontend view:

  • JPhoto tags which let you display similar images and galleries that have been tagged.
  • Displaying a random image within a module.
  • Categorize complete galleries together with JPhoto’s powerful tagging system.

JPhoto Tag Module

  • Pull random images from specific tags selected within the module no matter which gallery they are in.



We continue to look for ways to make using JPhoto easier. Now you have the ability to view your description for categories just by simply mousing over “view description”. This will help you know what you have written for your description in that category area instead of going into the category for each one in case you simply want to see what is there for each one to see if any of the categories need to be edited. A great time saver!

JPhoto Slideshow enhancements

Sold separately, JPhoto Slideshow can provide you slideshow enhancements to your site with ease.  In each image management area you can customize how you would like your photo to work with-in the slideshow module.

Many exciting changes have happened in JPhoto. Enjoy playing around and we look forward to more exciting enhancements that will get you to your end goal better and faster. Get the photo gallery your Joomla! site deserves.

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Michael Pignataro
VP Of Operations


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