Joomla Extensions and Templates: Here Are the Best Ones in 2020

Using Joomla extensions is a great way to tweak your website and improve its front-end part. But if you’re new to Joomla, you might be wondering, “what exactly are the Joomla extensions?” Well, in a nutshell, there are five types: Languages, Plugins, Modules, Components, and Templates. Each of these handles a particular function. Joomla search extensions, for example, can greatly enhance the overall experience of your site visitors. A Joomla administrator panel can help you administer the website more efficiently. Stylish and easily customizable templates provide a good starting point for designers. For example, if you are looking to build a dating site, Joomla offers plenty of ready-made templates. Even beginners can use them to create something amazing.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our top picks for Joomla extensions and templates in 2020.

1. JiFile: One of the Best Joomla Extensions for Rendering Documents

File rendering Joomla extensions for Joomla sites need to have lots of versatility because there are so many different kinds of documents. JiFile is a software that enables you to retrieve content from documents like DOC, PDF, Excel, and much more. You can use it to research the files within Joomla (or your own files) and index the content.

The main advantage of JiFile is that it comes with an easy to understand administrative interface. And get this: it also supports the content’s recovery, which can be handy if a bug or something else damages the website.

2. Articles Good Search

Articles Good Search is perfect for getting an accurate result when searching for content from pages with the customized filing. It comes with a custom field that has various filters to search for different content by author, category, tag, and more. The extension boasts many useful features like the multi-template modules or two separate display modes for search results (AJAX and standard). And the best part is that it is not only limited to content. Articles Good Search enables you to also search for SP Page Builders and products from J2Store.

3. Rapid Contact

When it comes to Joomla extensions, contact form configuring modules are often difficult to operate. That’s not the case with the super user-friendly Rapid Contact. It gives your clients fast contact support. All they have to do is fill in the subject and email fields and then type their message. You’ll receive it immediately.

The cool thing about this extension is that it’s very simple to set up. You basically just install it, set the mail recipient, and that’s it.

4. Geek ElasticSearch

If you’re looking for great Joomla extensions for free, then this is your option. The Geek’s ElasticSearch is an open-source extension that gets you the most relevant results. It’s made to analyze massive volumes of data for large webpages.

Joomla extensions’ documentation is quite informative with the ElasticSearch, and the filter system shows you search results by language, categories, custom, or author. It gets even better: Geek ElasticSearch also supports K2, VirtueMart, and lots of other 3rd party add-ons.

5. Webberry Team

This extension is user-friendly and can be used to build a responsive team grid that features slogans, names for photos, and a descriptive text. And as a cool extra perk, it helps you add a social link as an overlay on a member’s picture.

If you experience troubles with how to use Joomla extensions, you’d be glad to know that the Webberry Team is really easy to work with.

6. DSViewer

DSViewer is a fairly simple extension that allows a webmaster to create a web page along with its graphics. You can use it to emulate the display functionality of your site on a smartphone. For example, when hosting a game, you can first create a website demo using DSViewer. Then let your friends try it and get valuable user reviews that will become the so-called Magic Stone on the road to the success of your project.

7. Master User

Master User is a Joomla plugin for administrators to test out accounts on your site. You can log in as any registered user, but with your own password. It’s possible to restrict the facility’s use to only a group of administrators. Why is this useful? Simply because it allows you to see what’s happening on your website through your visitors’ eyes and fix any problems that might occur.

8. Flexbanner

Flexbanner is one of your best options when it comes to Joomla extensions for banner management. It enables you to get a specific banner to appear on particular articles, or even on sections of articles. You can also add them for new clients only. How cool is that?

9. Komento

Looking for Joomla extensions for comments? Komento’s your best choice. It allows anyone who visits your site to leave comments on blog posts, product pages, or articles. It’s extremely secure and lets you block spam in one streamlined system.

10. High Fashion Premium Joomla Template

Every website can benefit from a cool design that fits perfectly with its content. If it is related to fashion, or anything else about beauty, we’d advise you to try out the High Fashion Premium Joomla template. It comes with elegant colors that create a luxurious browsing experience for your visitors. If your company is in another field, you can look at more suitable templates from the Template Monster. One thing’s for sure: they provide all the support you need to build an awesome-looking website quickly. They also have nice Joomla extensions for a gallery of photos on your page.


And these were our recommended Joomla extensions — the latest news in the world of its modules, plugins, and templates. Now it’s your turn to pick your favorites and start building your website. With Joomla, it’s easy, fun, and enjoyable. What do you have to lose?

Which Joomla modules and plugins have been your favorites this year? Let us know in the comments section. We’d love to discover alternatives!

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