Is Your Website Under Construction?

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Has your company’s website been under construction for quite some time? Have you had a developer fail to complete the desired project? Or, would you just like to have a complete website redesign? At ‘corePHP,’ we specialize in creating custom built and custom coded websites for our clients. Since 2006, when many developers dropped Mambo support, we have been providing enterprise level services for building web applications within the Joomla! framework. Several organizations we have worked with previously include Williard Public Library, Antelope Beads, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, as we coded and implemented an existing web template into the website, which included a template for dynamic, printer-friendly coupons that work for all browsers.

“If you need a custom Joomla! component or a professionally-designed Joomla! website, call the Joomla! experts at ‘corePHP’. Their team is not only talented, but they’re fun to work with and super professional. I highly recommend them for custom Joomla! programming!” – Merav Knafo,

We take pride in creating custom solutions for each of our clients. No two websites are created with the same feel and functionality. This is because each client has their own needs and desires with their end product in mind, and can’t be given a cookie cutter design. Our designers and developers work hard with each client to ensure that each and every need is met with the final website.

If you would be interested in having ‘corePHP’ work with you in designing your website, or desire learning more information about our capabilities, please contact our sales team at

Vince Baker
‘corePHP’ Contributing Writer


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