How to Think, Feel and Act as an Expert

Be an expert

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To be an expert, you must think, feel and act as an expert. GO out there and look at every expert in your niche. You will find that in common they think big, and are comfortable with being uncomfortable. Then, they start following through. Expertise is what people pay for; so if you don’t think, feel and act as an expert you wouldn’t be paid the rates that you want. Maybe you wouldn’t be paid at all. Many think that it’s easy to think, feel and act as an expert. But the truth is it isn’t easy. It’s hard, very hard. But how to think, feel and act as an expert, let’s dive in and check how we have become the experts in the field we are in today .

1- Think as an expert:

To build your successful business, your fans must be inspired by you. Brain Clark, Danny Iny, Pat Flynn, Corbett Barr, Ramsay Taplin and many others are my inspiration to blog. What if you were timid? Maybe they will ignore your advice. Maybe they will click the back button, unsubscribe and never return to you again. However, this doesn’t mean that you must be over confident, or have an ego. If your audience feels that you are a superman that they can’t relate to, then they won’t buy anything from you. Yes, you must have confidence that everything is possible (try to show this also to your readers). But don’t be overconfident. Believe in yourself. Believe in what you are doing. Believe in what your audience, subscribers and customers are doing. Simply put, believe that no matter what you’re planning to do, it can be accomplished. I believe that I can build the blog that every blogger would love to go to, to learn more. I believe I can build six figures online. I believe you can build the blog that builds business. Be confident of what you do, but don’t forget to be humble. Remember, your readers are human like you, not bots. This is how you need to think as an expert. Believe that your vision, and the vision of your visitors (or subscribers or customers) can be accomplished, but don’t forget to be humble.

2- Feel as an expert:

If you want to change, you have to change. This is a fact that you can’t avoid. Your business wouldn’t grow until you do things you hadn’t done before. Let’s take Pat Flynn of Smart Passive income as an example. He wouldn’t have grown to what he is now, without starting to podcast. This is what separated him from others. Another example is Danny Iny. He wouldn’t have built his six-figure business without starting to guest-post on other blogs, and spending time on building relationships with those blogs and so on. Your current comfort zone is what you have now. But what you want to reach is in a different zone, in the comfort zone that you want to reach to. You must work to go and reach it. You must stop waiting to be in the new comfort zone that you want to be in. Publish your first ebook, your first podcast, your first guest post, your first video and so on. Trying new things is like doing hobbies: it’s hard at the beginning, but with time it will be better and better, and soon you will be unstoppable.

3- Act as an expert:

What is common with experts is that they get things done. This is another fault that many bloggers, Internet marketers and even writers fall in. If you are going to start recording videos, what are you going to do? You are going to do a comparison between cameras, and then think some time about which camera you are going to buy. Well, it may take you 3 weeks just to grab a camera. Then, you may take some more time to learn how it works, and then see some tips to make your videos better. Maybe you’ll take some courses. This is another 3 weeks. After that, you start recording. You will have a part that could be better in the video, and then you start recording all over again. This is another 2 weeks. You will spend 2 months just to publish your first video. Did you see how much time you will take, just to publish a video? On the other hand, you can simply grab a camera, have an idea and then start recording. I don’t mean that you just publish your videos in bad quality, but I mean that you need to act. You don’t need your video to be the best. It can be better with time. If Pat Flynn did the same thing I described above, he wouldn’t have started podcasting 2 years ago. Go to his first sessions: the quality isn’t that good, but look at where he is now. Also, Danny Iny started to do guest-blogging effectively. He wrote a lot of guest posts and built relationships with big influences. Then, he launched his ebook engagement from scratch, and he was able to build his successful business in less than 2 years. Pat Flynn and Danny Iny wouldn’t have done so, if they didn’t act. You can think about your brilliant idea that you want to write about in your next post/ebook. But nothing really happens until you take action and start writing. I know it’s hard but to be an expert, but you must do so.

So, what now?

You now know the first steps to be an expert. But what about after that? You need to act now. Try to think, feel and act as an expert, now. Being an expert is what makes a blogger earn $1K monthly, or make $100K. Think about it. You now have the first steps to be the expert who earns 100k. Yes, these steps are not enough to be that expert, but It’s the first steps you need to have to do so. Does your online future matter to you? Of course it does. That’s why you will try to apply the above steps. Start Now. It’s never too late. You have now, so take it. Start now, before you regret your falls in your career. Tell me what frustrates you most in the comments. I will respond to each comment as soon as possible. And wait for out next post in this series.

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