How to Sell within paGO Commerce

Are you using paGO Commerce right now or are you looking? Either direction, this is a must to know. paGO Commerce is a powerful platform for e-commerce but built within it is powerful tools for marketing and sales. Now marketing and sales are just general terms so let’s dig deeper to see what we should be looking at to make MONEY!!!

paGO has two areas of ways to increase more sales. Coupons and Discounts. Each area within paGO provides powerful tools to help increase your conversion and ability to make more sales. We will touch on each one.


paGO Commerce Coupon

Super flexible and lots of great options available here. Having a robust system gives you the ability to run many targeted campaign. Just the ability to run campaigns that are target means you have a better conversion rate. You don’t want to be targeting the wrong audience then you loose them for the right product. ‘corePHP’ provides services where we can help you understand your audience better and provide you the best direction how to set up targeted campaigns. Contact us today if you need assistance.


Screenshot from paGO discount featureAnother great marketing tool that you can use to provide discounts. Imagine now you have a banner on your site that say gets 20% on any purchase of $100. So when they purchase over $100 the system does the work. Making the client happy. And giving you more powerful tools to

Let’s Sell Together

We just don’t give you a platform to create your sales. ‘corePHP’ will be opening a network so we can inform all of our users of all the great specials that are going on in the paGO community. No other e-commerce platform does this. This gives you another marketing platform for you to enhance your visualization and marketing. This is coming soon and will be opening Fall of 2015

Again, it is a pleasure writing this stuff. I get excited when we are able to help a company grow and see an ROI in their new investment. And that new investment is paGO.




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