How to get people to see you as an expert and pay you what you want



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After you think, feel and act as an expert, you must have a unique perspective and point of view that no one else has. This unique perspective is what people pay for. Is it easy to develop that unique perspective? Yes and no. Yes, if you know your niche well and the websites in it. Conversely, if you don’t know your niche well, it’s difficult to develop that perspective. But how to develop your own point of view in an over-crowded niche? Let’s see how you can build that unique perspective.

1- Be a real expert about a certain topic:

You must know your topic well. You must be able to deliver awesome results to your customers and clients. Maybe you think it’s unnecessary to cover this topic. Because if you want to be an expert, that would mean you’re already an expert by now, right? Wrong. But let’s look at the other approach. “Do I have to spend the next ten years studying my topic, and be buried in books?” Yes, you need to read and know a lot about your topic. BUT, you don’t need to spend the next ten years studying your topic before you become an expert. What matters is that you can deliver results to your clients. If for any reason I sent you ten clients, could you help them to get them from where they are to where they want? Can you talk with them about your topic for more than 30 minutes? IF yes, then you can be an expert that earns six figures online. But always try to learn and improve your skills. If you answered no, you still can be an expert. Just fill the gaps in your knowledge. Do free coaching sessions to develop your skills. Ask big brands if they’d like your help to grow their business. One more thing you can do is to go and reach out to other experts in your field. You will learn from their experience, and you will be able to build relationships with those experts.

2- Target a part of your audience:

Not only do you need to be an expert in your topic, you must also master your target market. You must target a specific audience. You must speak directly to your ideal clients. But will you lose some customers by targeting a specific audience? Maybe you will lose some of your clients, but you can benefit more than your lost customers. You will be able to stand out from the crowd. You will be seen as an expert for your specific audience or audiences. You can easily understand a group of like-minded prospects. When you understand them, you can easily know where they are and which products to offer them. You can work with clients you want. By targeting, you can work with the clients you want and not with the ones you don’t want.

But how to know the part of the niche that there is a gap in it?

You can do this by identifying spectrums and plotting your competitors on a positioning matrix. These are tips I learned from Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing. But what is a “spectrum?” It’s a single dimension along which your audience divides the competition. Like men vs. women, old vs. young, newbie vs. experienced, strategic vs. tactical, and so on. Create a 2 by 2 grid. Take 2 of these spectrums and plot them on the axis. Then drop your competitors in the graph. Find the gap and then target that audience. If you don’t find a gap, try a different variation until you find the gap. Narrow and target a specific audience, and then master your market. Think about why your targeted audience should choose you vs. other experts in your niche. Think about what makes your audience choose you and not other established experts in your niche. Targeting will make your job easier, by answering this question and trying to show this in every part of your blog. What seems basic to you may be gold for your client.

Last words:

Now, you can have your unique perspective. This is what people pay for. Start now and find where your target market is. Try to attract them, and then offer them your services. I am sure some of them, if not all, will accept you and pay you because of your unique perspective. Tell me, what frustrates you most? What do you think about the above post?

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