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When it comes to building websites, creating something maintainable, proficient, and easy to administer is vital. Two things are responsible for achieving this, the development tools/platform and the developer. Since its release, Joomla has helped several developers to create outstanding projects. Joomla projects are deployed to serve various audiences, customers, brands, and businesses daily.

Joomla is a powerful development tool that has been available for a couple of years and is growing more rapidly every day. The platform helps developers build mobile-ready and user-friendly websites while allowing you to add thousands of other features. Among other things, Joomla also will enable you to utilize the best of PHP programming language. Also, there are several tons of professional templates that can be integrated using Joomla.

As great a tool as Joomla is, it is easy to get in trouble if you are not conversant with the latest trends and techniques. So, to help you do more great projects with Joomla, here are some helpful tips and guides that you can follow.

Essential Tips and Guides for Joomla

Explore New Extensions Often. Extensions are among the crucial catalytic selling points in Joomla. With extensions, it is easier to develop amazing projects using minimal effort. Instead of investing long hours in writing long lines of codes for various aspects of your project, you can install that functionality. Also, Joomla extensions have a lot of flexibility, and Joomla allows you to customize any extension quickly and effortlessly.

It is essential to always update your extensions pack even if you already have a comfortable selection of extensions that meet your preference. Joomla updates often, and there are usually more product releases with updates that outdo the former features.

Explore Templates Often. Just like extensions, Joomla templates come with more than they appear to have. You can find various helpful tools in new templates including, tabs, image galleries, slides, and so on. Most of the features that templates provide are reusable, and they can apply seamlessly to various designs.

Apart from layouts, templates also improve the functionality of your project. Joomla updates their templates for improved functionality as well as design. It is a smart way to stay ahead.

Ensure that Your Website Is Easy to Administer. The administrative ease of the websites you develop depends on how you build them. Joomla provides a variety of methods with which you can create websites that are easy to manage. By building sites that are easy to maintain, you save yourself the time and effort that comes with maintenance. If you are making sites for clients, you save yourself the frequent calls for fixes and so on, if the sites are easy to manage.

Joomla offers three significant components for managing content: Components, Articles, and Modules. Plugins are also vital and are easier to manage and do not need much work.

From an administrative point of view, the key to success is to ensure that the content administrators are focused on fewer tasks and plugins as possible.

Meanwhile, Joomla’s latest release, Joomla 3.X, supports frontend content management. This development makes it easy to create websites that are manageable exclusively from the front end.

Make Backups Often. Not having a current backup can result in you losing crucial data more often. Sometimes, a simple modification that breaks the site can lead to data loss. Component updates can also go wrong and lead to data loss. Regardless, having a stable and efficient backup can help to prevent any data loss.

Off-site backups are vital. You can quickly resurrect your website from its last backed-up state should something go wrong. Backups can help you with updates and security.

Some great offs-site backup solutions are the Akeeba Backup and Perfect DashBoard. Perfect Dashboard also helps you automate your off-site backups.

An additional recommendation is Siteground’s hosting solution. This hosting platform has hosting plans with essential added features like auto daily backups, auto-updates, as well as security. However, these plans cost a bit extra, but it is worth the bill.

Optimize Security. One common reason why sites easily get hacked by cybercriminals is the failure to update extensions and content management systems. Updates are essential; they come with the latest security installments that help to keep your websites more secure from cyber attacks and hackers.

If you don’t update often, your website will be vulnerable to malicious software that can inflict severe damages on your site and further open it to more damaging attacks.

Some of the effects of malicious activity on your website include:

  • Modification of core files that can destroy your website’s functionality
  • Making modifications to HTaccess files to grant redirect permissions to other malicious websites
  • Introduction of bots that can add spam links in the forums or comments section
  • Access to upload files with malicious website links that can make Google flag your site for containing malicious content.

Several more damages can be experienced as a result of failing to update regularly. Joomla’s latest update has several security improvements that make it more protected from attacks.

Configure Your Project to Display Your Website’s Name

With the recent update, Joomla has made it easier for you to make your site’s name visible on your browser. You can quickly do this by following a few simple steps.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select SEO settings; Chose Global Configurations
  3. Select Page Titles; Change settings from “No” to “Yes.”

You Can Install WordPress on Your Joomla Site

Nowadays, many developers would rather use Joomla and integrate WordPress on their Joomla site. You can do this also using the following steps:

1. Download and Install the WordPress-for-Joomla component

2. Define your Joomla database parameters

3. Import your WordPress content

4. Modify your internal links

5. Create your site

WordPress is very integrative with Joomla and allows for secure development and maintenance.

Conclusion: It is essential to stay updated with current trends to build more notable projects on Joomla. Because of frequent updates, Joomla is easily a great choice when you consider your website’s security. Also, the updates are strategically focused on helping to improve web development processes using Joomla. Also, they integrate newer and improved tools that increase efficiency.

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