Google’s Accessible Search for the Visually Challenged

When I read about this new creation from Google I had to tell the world. For those of us fighting the good fight, trying to make the web available to as many people as possible, this is a huge step forward. You can test it for yourself at

The project is headed up by a blind researcher who lost his vision from glaucoma as a kid. It is easy to overlook the fact that nearly 8 million online users in the US alone are visually impaired, and that the number increases as the web becomes available to more people. Can your business afford to turn away 8 million visitors? It could be the difference between sinking or swimming!

‘corePHP’ is dedicated to the education and development of a more accessible web. We have information on our site that discusses accessibility. Our info includes documentation, extensions and files that members can download. Make your site accessible to everyone!

You can read more on the Google Accessible Search Engine at


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