Get Success in 2016 Adopting Top-Rated Email Marketing Software

It is obvious that every business has different needs and marketing campaign goals so how could a single software work for all. Therefore, you should research deeply to find the best-suited software app which gives a real image to your diverse requisites. After reviewing dozens of email marketing tools/software, we came to the result with a list of top-rated software. This helps you select any of them in accordance with your business desires and domain type, which holds powerful features & plays a major responsibility in the industry to stay always ahead.

There are varied factors that influence the net sales of a particular business, including their competence or impotence to handle the things and market itself to generate more revenues. The marketing impacts more than the service quality you deliver to produce maximum Return on Investment because consumers are very smart and able to evaluate the product considering mentioned qualities. Hence, it is preferred to advertise and market through different mediums in the current scenario. This can help the webmasters make the consumers to seal the deal with their storefronts. Therefore, promotion via social media sites is a worthy approach for product marketing.

Recently, almost every market is tough to compete as they are flooded with striking products. With the explored market, however, consumers have got tons of options to buy, but it sometimes creates difficulty for them to take the decision. Thus, it’s important to get their reliance to stay ahead. So, provide all information related to your products to the consumers via media, ad, reviews or email marketing. This is actually substantial to get a meaningful existence globally in the year 2016.

A Brief Discussion of Substantial E-marketing Software Companies

The email marketing success and failure of a company depend on its overall performance to generate prolific outcomes. Let’s round up the best email marketing software companies that claim to offer the effective solutions for business growth in 2016:

  1. Admail

This is a blend of social media and email marketing; thus, the market critics consider it as an all-in-one solution. Having over 300 responsive templates, this email builder allows creating and sending professional emails. The user is allowed to connect with the users via both mediums:

  • Social media
  • Email marketing

The blend of these two platforms is available in AdSocial and used majorly to share the email marketing campaign via different social networks. Furthermore, you can enjoy reporting and content management tools through

  1. AWeber

The service provider named AWeber runs and builds powerful email marketing software apps beneficial for small bloggers, entrepreneurs as well as businesses. In terms of the features included in their service, there are nearly 700+ free to use templates, list segmentation, autoresponders, drag & drop email editor, contact management programs and tracking options for email marketing.

  1. ActiveCampaign

This caters various services including sales automation, CRM sales, and marketing automation and email marketing. The very popular email marketing software of this service provider contains free templates, contact management tools, drag & drop interface, real-time analytics, free image hosting, and A/B testing.

  1. Bluecore

The company with triggered e-marketing service has earned the trust of numerous e-commerce organizations serving the utmost quality solution. The system it offers automatically tracks the customers’ engagement or interaction with other e-commerce websites; this is advantageous to check how active the user is for shopping & visiting e-commerce sites. Every time Bluecore tool comes to know their search detail related to the product browsing category, keyword-based search or the number of sold items. Because it automatically develops these details and then sends the email to generate sales. Now, you would understand why it’s a popularly triggered service for email marketing.

This includes window shopping, cart abandonment, search abandonment, post purchase, and wish list as well as lets the webmasters automatically stay aware of the track of all products and their respective prices. It is good to create useful & flexible trigger programs even without product data integrating and uploading.

  1. Arial Software

It offers the mass email system which comes with simple installation steps and allows installing it either on your server or computer. This system needs your database and is being accessed through the web browser, but it features limitless elements such as unlimited email list & email sending, image library, trackable and clickable links.

  1. Cobalt

The web-based software offered by Cobalt is another popular email marketing campaign system tool which is value for money to send the newsletters, product updates, sales promotions, and more related to these tasks. Importing email address is also simpler along with importing product type, line, and other categories to select from the list. It, by default, consists of campaign tracking software to showcase who has opened the emails and clicked the URL and this information appears under your message.

  1. Constant Contact

Comes with multi-channel marketing campaign system, Constant Contact tool also features online listings, coaching, integration, reporting tools, contact tools with some critical business software programs. This renowned name has already worked with 650,000+ global clientele successfully.

  1. Campaign Monitor

The software this company serves is perfect for all sizes’ enterprises as their marketing campaign tool incorporates mobile-friendly templates, inbox previews, message analytics, free cost image hosting, social sharing, email builder, segmentation and spam testing.


We sum up this post here with 8 notable email marketing software built with standard technology considering the market trends effective for 2016 and successive years. The marketing through email is undoubtedly a powerful way which has gained a strong responsibility in its hands to improve the overall business growth. So, be aware of the email marketing power which has proven beneficial for strengthening a company. you should opt for any service provider mentioned above in brief with their marketing campaign platforms’ introduction. Give us your views about the post and recommended software via the comment section.


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