How Has Digital Marketing Benefited From Artificial Intelligence

The marketing world has undergone significant changes since the introduction of artificial intelligence. The technology can be used to optimize and prepare a plethora of marketing tactics by your SEO agency, improving profit margins as well as customer service. While most urban businesses use AI extensively to promote their brands, there are certain marketing professionals who are yet to understand the full benefits of artificial intelligence.

If you are one such marketer, we are here to tell you about the many benefits you can reap once you make the shift to artificial intelligence.

  • Better customizations for your visitors

The introduction of artificial intelligence has changed the way in which people buy products. The outdated modes of marketing are quickly losing flavor, and artificial intelligence is taking over the world. One particular reason behind this is customer expectations, people on the internet expect brands to tailor messages for them. A collection of statistics has revealed that people are more likely to open messages that are addressed to them in one form or the other. With the help of your web design agency and artificial intelligence, you too can create personalized recommendations for your customers. AI can help you create customizations that are quite accurate, and will appeal to the receiver. The recommendations are based on the data collected from the customers’ previous activity on their website – AI’s analysis of this data will be able to provide for an acutely customized experience.

  • Changes in Pricing techniques

We’re all attracted to good discounts, and when brands provide heavy discounts, you are inclined to make more purchases from them. The AI can set the price of goods and services according to its demand, the availability of the product, the reviews left by customers – all the factors that can increase sales and profits simultaneously.

  • Chatbots for customer service

Many brands are using popular social media platforms as a means of servicing their customers. Customers are being able to contact companies via the information that is provided on their official page. However, an increase in the number of customer service accounts directly translates to an increase in the number of customer service agents required. To avoid the increased labor costs, some companies are using chatbots to cater to the common questions asked by the customers. The chatbots can direct the customer to an agent if the problem is too personal or unique. Otherwise, any common query that the customers may be having can be answered by the chatbot. This reduces the time and effort required in the customer service sector, enabling agents to attend to consumers dealing with more complex problems.

Hiring chatbots is a cost-efficient alternative to hiring actual team members. They can be coded to behave like actual humans – in an equally polite, conversational, and civil manner.

  • Search Engine Optimization

The various algorithms used by e-commerce websites are improving the searches on bigger search engines like Google. By involving AI in the process, you can correct spelling mistakes and suggest corrections of the same. Search engines can determine the purpose of the customers when they input the terms in the search bar. For example, if the customer types in the word ‘restaurant’, the Search engine will be able to automatically conclude the fact that the user wants details of restaurants close to him or her. This reduces the need for users to mention their intent explicitly, as they can rely on the machines to do the lion’s share of the job for them. Artificial Intelligence can be used to recognize and interpret complicated patterns in the speech and in the search queries, different from what one expects of traditional searches. Voice search techniques are being integrated into the search engine algorithms, and it is only expected to increase in the near future. AI can be implemented to improve the interpretation of the speech patterns in different accents.

  • Content Creation

If you want to keep your viewers engaged you will have to give them something to see and listen to almost every day. This will keep them invested, interested, and updated on the workings of your brand. Content creation can offer you various impressive returns on your investment. A lot of brands are worried about creating and putting out content that can appeal to everyone. Plus. Creating interesting content on a daily basis can be quite taxing. Your content creator may be unable to deliver new and improved content every single day. This is where artificial intelligence comes in.

AI can be used to optimize your content marketing process in the most innovative ways. Automated content-generating processes can create new stories in a very short span of time – ones that would require your human content writer a lot of time to create. You might not want your content creation processes to be managed by machines alone, but you can always depend on them to generate smaller content pieces that can be posted on your various promotional platforms on a day to day basis. Plus, you can also trust AI to come up with interesting headlines for your pieces – ones that will draw more attention to what you have to say.

  • Advertising and PPC optimization

Most brands use A/B testing to optimize their marketing ads, but it takes a lot of time and is quite complicated. AI algorithms, on the other hand, allow you to optimize your brand’s ads continuously, depending on the conversions and how actively you interact with your viewers. Artificial Intelligence, due to a combination of different factors, is intended to become the next big thing as far as CMO is concerned. The new optimization technique is used for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. AI is expected to analyze every account that a particular user or potential consumer follows, and thereby show them ads that are ultimately relevant to their needs and concerns. Thereby, the user has to see fewer ads, and the advertiser receives a better ROI.



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