Why CyberSecurity Software Should Not Be Overlooked

Although every business owner you ask will tell you that cybersecurity is one of their top priorities, the number of businesses that actually overlook important aspects of this security element is larger than you might think. It can be tempting to think that, just because you are using the cloud, or you back up your information, you and your business are safe, but it is rarely that simple, and there is more to be considered. Read on to discover just why cybersecurity software is not something you should overlook when running a successful business.

Not Everyone Is Aware

If you have employees, ideally you should spend time training them to understand the threats that come with online security – or a lack of it. This training should detail the problems that can occur and what they need to look out for. This can include what spam and phishing emails look like and why employees should never click on links and open attachments from people they don’t know, or that look suspicious.

However, as good as these intentions might be, training doesn’t always happen. If it does, it might not be something the employees are interested in, and they could simply forget what they have been told, or not understand the consequences. Software from www.mcafee.com should always be used to protect their computing equipment whether they understand the risks of not; it’s an additional level of security that can prevent catastrophe in your business, so it is well worth having.

Poor Passwords

Another reason not to overlook having cybersecurity software installed is passwords. You and your employees will need passwords for a variety of different aspects of work, particularly when working online. The problem here is that passwords can be poor security, especially if they are easy to guess. Employees don’t like to have complicated passwords – they want to be able to access their work quickly, and having a password that is easy to remember is the best way to do this. Unfortunately, it’s also the best way for hackers to access that work.

The same is true when the same password is used for multiple different logins, or when passwords aren’t changed every six months or so. The easier a password is to guess, or the longer it has been used, the more chance there is for a hacker to get through it. Plus, if you use the same password for everything, once one platform is compromised, everything else is too.

Not Updating

Have you ever been in a situation where you are working away, and suddenly you are asked to authorize an update on your software? Most people have, and although updates are a great way to keep your business secure, they can be time-consuming. When you’re in the middle of work, it is often far easier to say no to any update. Try to remember that the more often an update occurs, the less chance there is of a cybercriminal being able to hack into your programs and equipment.

Ignoring software updates may mean you can carry on with your work, but it also means you are leaving yourself open to attack. Ideally, if you can’t process the update straight away, you should come back to it later. If you have cybersecurity software installed, putting off an update for a short time won’t cause too many problems.


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