How to create a portfolio site on WordPress

In the modern workplace, a personal website that displays your work experience and education, just like a traditional resume, is one of the surest ways of standing out in a professional career. A portfolio website can be used in isolation or in addition to the traditional resume.

You can edit your resume and include it on your blog. You can use a professional to edit my resume on this site. A good portfolio site communicates to people who you are and what you do in a visually appealing manner. It includes important details such as projects you have worked on, your skills, and the awards that you have obtained.

WordPress is a content management software that enables you to build a blog from scratch without any software development knowledge. It has several themes that you can use as a framework for your portfolio. One of the themes with a portfolio framework is Total theme. All you need to do when using this theme is to drag and drop items on the website.

Steps for creating a portfolio website

Choose a web host

First and foremost, select a host where your website will be hosted. There are many hosting companies offering various solutions depending on the client’s needs. Some of the things to look out for in a good web host include security, scalability and customer support.

Decide on the domain name

Before signing up with a hosting company, you have to choose a domain name for your blog. Be careful when choosing one as it may not be very easy to change in the future.

Start working on WordPress

Most of the web hosts have WordPress installed and set up for you. However, if your host does not offer the service, you can download and install WordPress from their official website.

Enter the name and password you used when installing WordPress when you get to the login screen to enable you to access the dashboard.

Choose a theme

Total is a good WordPress theme for designing portfolio blogs. Also, you can choose other different services to work with. After installing your preferred choice, you need to activate it. This can be achieved by clicking appearance on the dashboard. From there, click themes and then navigate to add new button. Select a pre-built website of your choice and install it. You should also install the required plugins and widgets for that theme.

Create your portfolio

You can skip the step for installing a theme if you want to build your blog from scratch. Create your pages and customize your resume to suit your needs. Most of the information on your traditional resume can be used to create the portfolio of your blog. Some of the important sections you should have on your site include an ‘about me’ section, project gallery, and contact form.


Lack of a professional portfolio can affect your ability to get clients. Creating an impressive resume on WordPress is easy because of the theme with drag and drop features. Also, using WordPress is free, and the hosting options are inexpensive.


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