CMS Expo – Be there or be…

I am extremely excited to attend this year’s first CMS Expo. As always, the first Expo will be in Chicago, IL.

Come along and enjoy two days of training packed with information on Joomla!, Drupal and Alfresco, the top CMS solutions! With over 45 CMS training sessions in six Training Tracks, you can focus on your favorite core CMS for both days or jump tracks to explore other avenues. Created for all members of the content management team – administrators, businesspeople, content creators and developers – the CMS Expo has a lot to offer everyone in the professional content management arena.

If you are new to Joomla! or have been using it for some time but are not an expert, this expo is a MUST! This year’s CMS Expo has many of the world’s top professionals leaping to Chicago to instruct on core-specific subjects such as: Web Theme & Template Creation, Site Building, Security, Site Administration and Site Development.

Three of the guys from ‘corePHP’, myself included, will be attending and teaching a total of 6 sessions that are mostly geared towards moderate to intermediate users. Sign up, check out our team, and meet hundreds of worldwide professionals that make up a large part of the CMS community. Learn to start up your site, improve your website’s look and functionality, and enhance your business! You won’t want to miss out. Sign up today!

Here is a list of sessions that ‘corePHP’ will be giving:

  • WordPress For Joomla!
  • CSS Done Right
  • PHP 5 Must-Know Techniques
  • Killer Photoshop Tips
  • Joomla! Development I
  • Joomla! Development II

See you all there!


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