Built A New Website? How Backlinks Can Help Rank It Faster

These days, a website has become a requirement for getting your content out there and building a following. Whether you’re blogging for personal or business reasons, you must remember that you have to employ the right digital marketing strategies to reach your target audience.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a valuable tool in ensuring that your content is viewed by the demographic you want to capture. It involves maximizing the elements in your website for easier crawling and indexing of search engine bots. Once your web pages have been added to a search engine’s database, they can, then, show up when a user types relevant key terms and phrases.

Google and Bing use keywords and links to determine what a page is all about. More importantly, these companies focus on the relevance of your content with regards to user queries. One significant factor that search engines use to assess a site’s quality is backlinks.

Backlinks, which are also known as inbound links, are the URLs you receive from other websites. For instance, if you plan to run a blog to help new mothers, you can have a diverse range of backlink opportunities, from recipe sites to health and fitness resources. This type of link is particularly valuable if you have a new website since you want to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs) for your target keywords.

Here are the ways that backlinks can help your site go up the search engine ranks:

1. Boost Your Domain Authority

The primary benefit of backlinks is that they help boost your domain authority. Think of these inbound links as word-of-mouth advertising. If there are a lot of people linking back to your site or sharing your content, it implies your trustworthiness. It means that you offer relevant information about your niche.

Getting a backlink from another website alerts search engines that your content is worthy of linking to. It, then, makes the connection that your website must be an authority about a particular subject matter.

Google and Bing prioritize relevance because it improves user experience. After all, people are using search engines to find answers to their queries. It only makes sense that these companies focus on delivering accurate and timely results. With this in mind, getting backlinks for your website can help you rank high in the SERPs because search engines would make sure to deliver your content first to web users due to its relevance and quality. Thus, you ought to learn more about how to get backlinks for you to maximize the benefits they can offer.

2. Gain Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is another positive effect of backlinks that can help your new website earn a place on the first page of the SERPs. The term pertains to people who land at your page from external sites and without using search engines.

If a lot of sites include your link in their content, the more people get to view it. This, in turn, increases the probability of potential customers clicking on your link and buying your products and services.

Here are some tips to help you increase referral traffic through backlinks:

  • Write Guest Posts – Guest posts are articles you create that are uploaded on third-party websites. These are valuable for link building since you can insert links to your domain in the content. With this, the publishing blog’s readers can click on your link and be directed to your site to become referral traffic.
  • Share Your Links On Social Media – Social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, are great sources of referral traffic. Keep promoting your content on these platforms to capture your target audience’s attention and direct them to your domain where you can market to them directly.
  • Publish Press Releases – Similar to guest posts, you can also write press releases and insert the link to your website. This type of article is typically published on media outlets and other high-authority news distribution sites. Mentions on these platforms can help boost your domain authority, which plays a significant role in rising up the SERPs.
  • Join Web Directories – You can get your website out there and drive referral traffic to your domain by having your link published in these types of platforms as well. For instance, if you have a website for your gym, you can join directories that provide people in your locality with a list of nearby health and fitness centers.

3. Improve Your Branding Efforts

You may have built a website for your online business. Backlinks are crucial for the growth of your site and, ultimately, venture because it helps you promote your brand.

Links are attached to anchor text that should, ideally, be easily readable to web users. For a few link building campaigns and guest posts, you can focus on anchoring your URL to your company name. With this, you increase your brand’s visibility to your target audience.

Then, you can let the mere exposure effect perform its magic. It refers to how people tend to feel a preference for others, things, or even brands, just because they keep on seeing them everywhere. You can hit two birds with one stone through link building because it allows you to promote your brand, while optimizing your site for search engines at the same time.

4. Build Relationships Within Your Niche

More than the technical benefits, backlinks also provide the additional advantage of being able to form relationships with other site administrators in your niche. While it may not influence your rank on search engines directly, this process can provide you with more backlink opportunities and even partnerships that can boost your digital marketing efforts.


Backlinks are a valuable off-page SEO tactic that can aid you in improving your rank in the SERPs for relevant keywords and phrases. Their primary benefit is helping you boost your domain authority.

Search engines look at the number of websites pointing back to your domain as a ranking signal. This means that you increase the chances of placing high in the results pages when you have a lot of backlinks from high-quality sites.

Inbound links can also help you gain referral traffic and boost your branding efforts. Lastly, an indirect benefit of backlinks is the relationships you build in your niche, which can provide you with digital marketing opportunities.

Built A New Website? How Backlinks Can Help Rank It Faster

Timothy Crows is a full-time blogger who writes content on Search Engine Optimization, e-commerce, and web development. Timothy has gained the loyalty of thousands of readers because of his ability to regularly publish high-quality and informative content on his blog and other websites.


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