What are the basic skills you look for in a WordPress expert?

WordPress is the most famous CMS or content management system in the world. It is a free-to-use and open-source content management system that is preferred by most businesses around the world.

As we are currently living in a digital world, having a well-organized and engaging website is very important for running a successful online business. WordPress experts develop and manage business websites using WordPress.

The emergence of WordPress has presented thousands of opportunities for businesses to grow online by developing attractive websites. For those who want to develop a website for their online business that is well organized, engaging, customized, and responsive, read here for hire WordPress expert.

But if you have very little idea about how WordPress works and what skills you should look for in a WordPress expert, then this article is for you. Here I am going to talk about the basic skills you should look for in a WordPress expert. So that next time you are going to hire a WordPress expert, you know what to expect from him.

Skills that a WordPress expert must have

  • Technical skills: This skill is the most important one of the ones I am going to mention below. This skill combines all the major areas of knowledge that you must expect from a WordPress developer.
  • HTML: HTML or hypertext markup language is the backbone of your website. It is the complete foundation of how your website is assembled. The main function of HTML is to display all the contents of your webpage.

Although HTML is not a programming language, it is among the most essential skills website developers must know. HTML provides the tools one requires to build a website from scratch. That includes constructing the layout page, text formatting, adding images, and much more.

  • CSS: CSS stands for cascading style sheets. While HTML handles the overall structure of your website, CSS directs how your website will visually appear to the visitors. It dictates how your web elements will be rendered on the screen.

This includes the colors, font size, styles, positioning, formatting, animation, background, etc of your web content. To be very specific, CSS makes a website visually appealing.

As a business owner, you should hire a WordPress expert who has in-depth knowledge of CSS so that he can develop a visually compelling website for you.

  • JavaScript: JavaScript is a very popular programming language among web developers. It is primarily responsible for the responsive behavior of your website. This language helps you add interactive components to your website.

JavaScript is the key skill that every WordPress expert should know about. Read here for hire WordPress expert who has a proper understanding of how JavaScript works.

Thus, you can develop a website for your business that makes your interaction with your customers flawless. Make sure your WordPress expert also knows about different JavaScript frameworks and libraries before hiring.

  • Knowledge about Bootstrap: Although coding is an invariable part of developing a website from scratch if you start writing codes manually for every single element for the website, you might miss the deadline.

That is why knowing bootstrap is so important. Using these modern tools, you can simply copy and paste codes to add web elements. Just do some simple customizations according to your client, and your website is ready.

Make sure your WordPress expert has proper knowledge about bootstraps so that not only he builds amazing websites, but also deliver the projects in time without messing with the deadline.

  • MySQL: MySQL is a database. As a back-end WordPress expert, one must have some basic knowledge about MySQL. It is better if they know how to customize SQL databases.

For those businesses that are looking to hire a WordPress expert who has all the technical skills, read here for hire WordPress expert. Make sure you check all the skillsets before closing the deal with a WordPress developer.

But only having technical knowledge will not do the job. A WordPress expert should also have some business managerial skills before you hire one. Here are some of the skills you should look for in a WordPress developer.

  • Business managerial Skills: These skills makes a WordPress developer more compatible with other members of your team. These are what separates good developers from the best.
  • Enthusiastic and self-motivated: It does not matter how skilled you are when it comes to development, if you do not have enthusiasm towards the web development process, no company would like to hire you.

As a business owner, look for WordPress developers who are self-motivated and enthusiastic. Only then they will be pushing their limits harder for your projects.

  • SEO knowledge: Knowing search engine optimization is very important for WordPress Developers. A well SEO-optimized business website ensures a higher ranking in organic search results, large traffic on your website, business growth.

Google uses multiple factors to decide the ranking of different websites. A WordPress expert should develop responsive, mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and fast-loading websites to help your business rank higher.

  • Planning skills: WordPress attracts artistic people as developing a website from scratch demands creativity. While enthusiasm and creativity can help you become a better WordPress developer, to become an expert in WordPress Development you must also include planning skills in your arsenal.

Because delivering projects in time without compromising with the quality requires a lot of planning. Lack of planning skills can severely damage your career as a developer.

As a business owner, hire a WordPress developer who plans all the required development processes before time with proper time allotment. You should read here for hire WordPress expert who follows a well-maintained planner for every project.

  • Strategic thinking: strategic thinking is a must-have skill that you should look for in a WordPress developer. This skill helps the WordPress developer not only understand your website requirements but also assess the competition of the market in your industry.

This skill of your WordPress developer will help your business website stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Basic Business Skills: As a WordPress Developer, it is good to have some basic business skills such as industry requirements and current market trends. If you hired a WordPress developer who has all the knowledge but fails to draw the attention of your potential customers to your website, then none of the above skills matters.

Conclusion: You are not required to have extensive knowledge about WordPress before hiring a WordPress expert. Just ask him about the skills that I have mentioned above. In case you are unable to find any WordPress developer who possesses all the required skillset, then read here to hire a WordPress expert.

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