9 best ways to promote your mobile app


You have a startling idea for an app.

You jump on your developer’s seat and start creating it.

You created one, tested it, and boom… it worked.

Now you have an app to your name.

You’re basking in your success, but alas!

The job is only half done!

Creating a successful mobile app is just half the battle. The other half is marketing it to the right audience and getting them to install it. For many apps, this later part determines success. Developing a mobile app that works like a charm and offers the utility is tough, but marketing is a different ball game altogether.

In this article, we will discuss the strategies that you can use to market your app to the right audience and get them to install it. Let’s get started.

Create a website

After you have followed all the steps to develop a successful app, now you have to start marketing it. The first step to take in this regard is to create a website landing page for your app. An app needs a ‘launchpad.’ This website will allow you to market your app more professionally.

9 best ways to promote your mobile app


The above image is of the landing page of Whatsapp. As you can see, it mentions the Android and iPhone mobile app links so that people can download it directly on their smartphones. You will then need to market this page through social media and search engines. It is the first of many steps.

Promote on social media

Your app’s landing page is how you will get most of your traffic. So, promote your app through social media pages and groups. Don’t overly spam groups with your messages. Instead, try to provide solutions to their problems.

If they need picture editing software and your app offers that, then put it as solution-oriented advertising. It is also called ‘community management/marketing.’ Hire a dedicated team to promote your website on social media.

There are various social media management tools that help you to effectively manage your social media by allowing you to curate and schedule social media posts.

9 best ways to promote your mobile app



Start paid promotion

Once you have built a thriving community, you can start paid promotion of your app. Some experts also suggest that the paid promotion should be done first to understand the market. Nonetheless, there is a mix of opinion on this, so choose whatever suits you best.

Paid promotions on social media widely differ from paid promotion on search engines. You need to find the medium that works best for your website and then stick with it.

9 best ways to promote your mobile app

Source: The PR Authority

Use Influencers to Market App

Another great strategy that you can use to market your app is the use of influencers.’ There are so many influencers out there, from niche-influencers to celebrities. You can get them to promote your product and earn business.

These influencers can create promotional campaigns for your app. Most of these will charge a one-time fee for promoting your product. However, you can ask them for an affiliate commission if they can bring more installs for your mobile apps.

It all depends on how better you can negotiate a deal. So, create a scenario where both of you can benefit.

Get featured on mobile app review websites

The best way to promote your mobile app to the right type of audience is by getting featured on websites and platforms that reviews mobile apps. Some of the big names are Android Authority, Mobile App Daily, App Advice, App Storm, and Sell my App.

You can contact these websites and ask them to review your app. Most reviews are free. If you want to get featured on the front page, then you will have to pay a certain amount. You can also reach out to tech aficionados who independently review apps and have a considerable fan base.

Create Referral Campaigns

Next, create referral campaigns for your mobile app. Referral campaigns are a great way to boost your app installs. Uber and Lyft are some apps that are making the best use of referral campaigns.

9 best ways to promote your mobile app

Source: App Samurai

You can come up with a creative strategy to promote your apps. Give coupons and promo codes. Who doesn’t like freebies? You can give promo codes and ask your customers to refer the app to their friends and relatives.

Start affiliate campaigns

We discussed affiliate marketing for influencers. Now let’s talk about the affiliate programs that you need for your app. You can create an affiliate program by using different software, or you can directly ask your affiliates to promote your app with UTM URLs.

Let’s say, on 10 app installs, you offer them $1 or something similar. You need to be smart to get the most from your affiliate campaigns. You can also strike a deal with a mobile app review website. They know how to bring more app installs for your mobile app, and this will be a great way to get initial traction.

Start media promotions

People still watch TV. Promote your app on that too. If you already know people in the media, they can help promote your app to the mass market. However, if you are not familiar with media personalities, don’t worry. You can use the press release or guest posting options provided by multiple publications.

Small online publications with daily traffic of around 20,000 visitors may charge you about $100 to $200 for promoting your content. However, sites with a massive audience of 100,000 to 1 million will cost you more.

Create offline marketing banners

Then, there is another way to promote your mobile app. You can do it with offline marketing. Most people are unaware of the offline marketing tactics, but apps like Uber, Lyft, and FoodPanda are doing it, and they are a big name already!

If you have an app about the hotel booking service, you can promote the app by getting a billboard, or if you operate a restaurant, you can publish flyers in the neighborhood with a lot of restaurants.

Remember, creativity is the key to the offline marketing world. The best ideas are often those that others have not tried yet. So, let your creative juices flow.

Final word

Now you know all about the marketing tactics to use to promote your app. It is time to think which of these ways will serve your app the most. Remember, the success of your app depends on how many people install it, and to tell them about your app, you need to market it wisely.

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