6 WordPress Plugins that Every Digital Marketer Needs

Marketing has become more complex and demanding with the advent of modern technology. From email marketing to online ads and from on-page efforts to off-page SEO, there is a lot that goes into play.

If you are a marketer looking for efficient ways to get the job done, here are 6 plugins we recommend you give a try!

These are popular wordpress plugins which are tried and tested and can prove valuable towards your marketing efforts.

WordPress Plugins for Marketers

Below are 6 best WordPress plugins that are ideal for marketers:

  1. HubSpot
  2. OptinMonster
  3. WPForms
  4. MonsterInsights
  5. Composite Products for WooCommerce
  6. Mailchimp

Now let’s explore each plugin to see how each can help you, in your marketing efforts.


The HubSpot is an all-in-one, marketing solution making CRM & Contact Management super easy.

It allows Email Marketing, Live Chat & Chatbots, Forms & Popups, Analytics, Seamless Integrations, Marketing Automation, etc.

Create contact forms on your site, through drag and drop builder, and create responsive newsletters to send to your customers. The built-in analytics help you understand the result of each action so you know what is driving the most success and what isn’t.


  • Syncs website forms with HubSpot CRM automatically
  • Drag and drop email builder with 20+ pre-designed templates
  • Emails automatically logged in your CRM
  • Live chat with 24/7 chatbots
  • Automated emails sent to customers
  • Forms and popup creation
  • Built-in analytics
  • Integrates with over 1160 apps


Lead generation is a big target for any marketer and Optin Master helps with that. OptinMonster is a popup builder and marketing plugin that can increase your email subscribers, and boost sales.

With the OptinMonster popup builder and conversion toolkit, you can turn abandoned website visitors into subscribers and customers.

It comes with a popup maker which allows you to create mobile popup campaigns, email subscription forms, and sticky announcement bars. It also allows you to create mobile pop-ups so you don’t miss out on mobile users


  • 97+ pre-made lead capture form templates
  • Pop Ups, floating bars, fullscreen overlays, slide-ins
  • OnSite Retargeting and Personalization
  • Monitor customer behavior through Exit Intent Technology
  • Easy A/B testing
  • Advanced Traffic Redirection
  • Page Level Targeting


Want to make contact forms easy? Try out the WPForms plugin which is a drag & drop WordPress form builder for simple form management.

It lets you create beautiful forms of all types like contact forms, subscription forms, feedback forms, and payment forms, within minutes.

WPForms plugin helps to improve user experience. It comes with pre-built form templates making it beginner friendly.


  • Simple drag-and-drop form builder
  • Allows you to add custom form fields
  • Comes with pre-built form templates
  • Lets you create contact, marketing, request-a-quote forms etc.
  • SEO friendly forms
  • Forms are 100% responsive


Analyzing traffic is an important step towards a successful marketing strategy and that is where the MonsterInsights plugin comes in. It has over 3 million active installs, and it is one of the most popular Google Analytics plugins out there.

The plugin shows analytics and stats that can give you a competitive edge and a better understanding of your movements.

The plugin properly connects your site with Google Analytics, so you can make data-driven decisions, more conveniently.


  • Easy Google Analytics setup
  • Enable advanced Google Analytics features
  • Built-in Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Offers Audience Report, Publishers Report
  • Offers Ecommerce Report, Search Console Report
  • Offers Behavior Report, Content Report, etc

Composite Products for WooCommerce

Having a brand USP is a key differentiator that can help you stand out and make your marketing efforts fruitful. Giving your customers the liberty to customize their product is one USB you need to get your hands on.

The plugin lets customers choose components from a range of options to customize products. E.g they can design their gaming PC by choosing the desktop, CPU, keyboard, etc. The whole order at the end is considered one product, whose components are chosen by the customer.

You can charge for the final product as a whole or charge a base price for each component. Offer customers to compose products through customizable components and make it easier for them to shop sports equipment, made-to-order products, and customized bundles.


  • Allow customers to compose products
  • Charge shipping per item or as a package
  • Charge by-product or as a package
  • Display the product’s stock status
  • Use 5 price adjustment modes


Newsletters are one way to keep your audience engaged with your business. You can inform them about offers, new products, restocks, promotions, etc. through newsletters.

Mailchimp helps with that by letting you grow your Mailchimp lists. You can create better newsletters, and opt-in forms and integrate them with existing forms on your site, like comment forms, and contact or checkout forms.


  • Quickly connect with a Mailchimp account
  • Complete control over the form fields
  • Create mobile-optimized sign-up forms
  • Smooth integration with Default WordPress Registration Form
  • Smooth integration with Default WordPress Comment Form
  • Smooth integration with WooCommerce
  • Smooth integration with Contact Form 7
  • A Multitude of add-on plugins like Mailchimp for WordPress Premium, Mailchimp Top Bar
  • A multitude of add-on plugins like Mailchimp Activity, Boxzilla Pop-ups
  • Developer friendly

Final Words

In this article, we explored 6 plugins that are great for a marketer. The HubSpot plugin is an all-in-one, marketing solution making CRM & Contact Management super easy.

The OptinMonster is a popup builder and conversion toolkit which is great for lead generation and boosting sales on your site.

The WPForms plugin allows you to create beautiful contact forms improving customer experience and helping you efficiently use customer data.

About the MonsterInsights plugin, it shows analytics and stats that can give you a competitive edge and a better understanding of your movements.

Talking about the Composite Products for WooCommerce, it helps your customers make custom products, making you stand out among other brands.

Lastly, the Mailchimp plugin helps you create newsletters, and opt-in forms and integrate them with existing forms so you can keep your audience engaged.

Overall, all of the above plugins serve a special purpose and your end choice should depend on your site and your unique needs.

Author Bio

Roman Charles a professional SEO expert with 7 years’ experience. He is currently working with Addify – a professional eCommerce development agency. He has a passion to serve blogs with his expertise in the form of write ups.



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