6 Things You Need to Consider When Outsourcing

There are many routes to go about finding a website developer.  You may have had the opportunity to find us and we love working with amazing creative agencies that are out there today. We have had many that have come to us and sometimes ‘corePHP’ is not the right fit due to the timeline, budget and more. Due to this, we like to guide those clients in the right direction cause we still care about the end result whether they become a client of ours or not. That being said, the most common way to discover web developers is one is to get a recommendation from a trusted reference. You will have greater confidence in the developer (or a dedicated developers outsourcing team) based on a first-hand testimonial from your trusted source. This is why if we can not do it we recommend. 

Here are six things you need to consider when outsourcing your web development:


If you are unable to get what you need throughout your network or local region, then the next option is to opt for web developers nearshoring. It is a relatively modern concept whereby a company contracts part of its work to an external organization settled across national borders within its extended geographical region. It includes the neighboring countries that are frequently bound by similar legal and financial constraints that provide social and economic stability within a region.

Remember, a website requires a web designer, a digital marketer and a website developer to offer value, and outsourcing to a credible firm integrates all three functions into one. For instance, as per the Kurzor guide to outsourcing, UK based companies are escalating profits to the tune of 100% per developer by outsourcing to the Czech Republic.


Do not hire the first promising candidate you come across. Yes, those dedicated developers outsourcing their time at only $10 per hour are cheap, but how much value are you reaping in that hour? How competent is their team? Are you getting experienced professionals on your team or most recent college graduates with doubtful competency levels? That is why it is necessary to weigh your options before outsourcing your web development needs.  

  1. Check their previously built websites. How experienced are they as a developer? Moreover, how relevant is their experience?
  2. Perform a thorough online search, including on LinkedIn and relevant forums to spot any red flags. It is crucial to take any testimonials with a grain of salt as patterns are often accurate.
  3. Ask for specific references and pay particular attention to aspects of past client’s project that could be relevant to your own.

When agencies are engaging with ‘corePHP’ to outsource their work these are things they look at. We want your success in outsourcing with companies like us to be successful and have trust built into the relationship.


You need to be precise as to your requirements and what their competencies are offering. For instance, give due consideration to communication channels when opting for web developers nearshoring. It is mandatory to ensure if a company has a sound track record of communicating effectively with the clients and is professionally responsive. There is nothing more demotivating than taking an outsourced team on board that does not respond nor offers critical updates in a timely manner. A line of communication is important. For example, we offer phone, email, support tickets and sometimes depending on the relationship text communication.

Therefore, list specific questions to ask the company and envision your project from start to finish, and try to brainstorm the difficulties on the way. It is critical to ensure that you are covering all bases and getting straight, unambiguous answers. This is because you do not want any surprises once the project is delivered.


It is an underrated yet significant consideration before outsourcing. This is because getting a top-notch modern website is essential, but maintaining it once you have incurred the expense is mandatory. Therefore, discuss the ongoing relationship before signing the contract.  Discuss the modus-operandi of post-project customer service. Moreover, you also need to get assurances from the website developer on keeping the code uncluttered and property labeled, so that someone else can also work on the code with minimum hassle.


A big issue with outsourcing overseas is quality control. How do you ensure the quality of the code that is being written? Moreover, how can you judge the viability of their flashy portfolios? This is because a common practice for overseas developers is to list a generic portfolio of work which makes it hard to be assured of what you will be getting. Try conducting a technical interview of the interested companies.


Code collaboration is a massive challenge when opting for web developers nearshoring. Depending on the country you are dealing with, there can be significant cultural issues regarding the statement of work. This is because website development is organically a collaborative process. That is why writing extremely specific requirements are pivotal to having a sound experience outsourcing.

Remember, the widespread benefits of outsourcing often compels companies to contract the first cheap option they find. Do not fall for such a practice. Invest some time to avoid having shady website months down the line. ‘corePHP’ is not the cheapest nor the most expensive but we focus on quality and customer service which is the most vital part of any project.


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