5 Ways to Avoid Complaints from Your Website Visitors

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When you develop a website for any organization, it’s essential to make sure it’s fit for purpose. If it looks unprofessional or website visitors complain about it for different reasons, this reflects badly on you and your business. Below are five of the most common complaints about websites from visitors that we have heard and these are successful steps you can take to avoid these complaints.

Website Performance

A slow website is one of the most frustrating experiences for online users. They expect a website to load instantly. If this does not happen, these potential shoppers and customers will go elsewhere to find what they are looking for. In some cases, a website may not be available at all, which is even worse.

To address this problem, you must identify its cause. If it’s a hosting issue, you may need to move your website to a more stable hosting provider such as bestwebhosting.co.uk.Also, there is the question of the most appropriate hosting type for your website. In the case of a website that has a significant increase in traffic in a given period of the year, it is best to have Cloud Hosting In other situations, certain components in a website, such as plugins, add-ons, or your website’s theme could be causing the problem and will need to be fixed or removed. That is where we ‘corePHP’ can come in and assist. We are masters of optimization! Contact us today


Today’s online users use a wide range of devices to view a website. Some still use PC’s and laptops, but more people than ever are starting to use smartphones and other mobile devices. However, not all websites are mobile friendly and this can affect the viewing experience of a large percentage of your website visitors.

To cater for as many users as possible who use different types of devices, it’s essential to upgrade your website. To ensure that everything is fine, check your website on the main types of devices available.

Lack of Support

Some website owners don’t always think about what their website visitors expect from a website. If you have a business website or a complex website, such as an e-commerce store, it’s essential to include your contact details and support details, so that you can help your website visitors if they have any problems or queries. It’s also possible to go one step further by offering live support and helpdesk services on your website.

Too Much Advertising

In most cases, visitors visit a website to find specific information or a particular product or service. If your website features a large number of ads and promotions, this is a big turn off for people. Using ads sparingly will make your website a more enjoyable, friendly place for people to spend their time and they will be more likely to find out what you can offer them.

Poor Quality Content

Over the years, many website owners have tried to make a quick buck by publishing poor quality content. However, most website visitors no longer accept this practice and will only visit websites that produce well-researched, well-written, valuable content. Every website owner should aim to produce the best content they possibly can to prevent complaints from visitors.

Website owners who take their online businesses seriously avoid website visitor complaints at all costs. You should do the same thing, by following the tips above. You need our help we are here to help you as we can help guide or produce the above results.


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