6 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With WordPress

If you’ve considered starting a blog, you’ve probably come across the many websites dedicated to WordPress. Apart from the WordPress sites themselves, you’ll find multiple ones that focus on aspects such as plugins, templates and more. So yes, WordPress is well known. But how well do you know it? Chances are you can do much more with this platform than you think.

Whether you have a WordPress site already or you’re still deciding which platform to use, browse through our list. It can help you reach your blog or website goals much quicker.

Make it Speak Your Language

It makes sense that a product which is popular around the globe uses translations to connect with a wider audience. But perhaps you don’t realize that WP has been translated into your home language too.

WordPress has been fully translated into over 80 languages and is operational in over 40 worldwide locales. Even if you’re looking for blogs and articles, you may find more than you anticipate. Blog owners come from different cultures and so, over 120 languages have been used in the written articles.

Manage an eCommerce Store

Although WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, there’s no reason not to use it for business purposes. With the right plugins and tools such as WooCommerce, you can use it to create eCommerce sites as well. That should be good news if you’re already familiar with WP and don’t want to waste time learning another platform’s technicalities.

Make it Seem Unique

Templates are handy to get you started. But what if you want to improve your public perspective and seem truly original? You may also want unique features to cater to your specific audience, right?

Don’t let the existence of WP templates scare you off. Whether you do it yourself or use white label WordPress support from the pros, you can change almost all aspects of a WordPress site and make it work for your vision.

Join the WordPress Community

If you’re unsure where to start in setting up your eCommerce store or white label website, it’s time to talk to other WP users. Luckily there are many gatherings of the WP community at events like WordCamp. These happen across the globe so look for one near you, or perhaps you should organize the next one if there’s none in your area.

Shorten that URL!

If you’re a novice on WP you may think you have to accept everything on the templates as is, but so much can be changed via the Settings menu.

Here’s one handy tip: No matter the type of WP website you have, Search Engine Optimization is paramount to success and online visibility. You can help your SEO rating by simply shortening your URLs, which is possible on WordPress.

Make it More Secure

You also don’t have to settle for the status quo when it comes to security. Because WP sites are popular, hackers can easily get past the security features: if they hack one WP site they can do the same with others. But they can’t hack you if you upgrade your site’s security features, such as installing plugins. Also, update the features regularly and remember to use strong passwords.

Now, get started on building your site and make WordPress work for you.


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