5 Ways to Look Like A Pro – Even If You Are A Newbie

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How to blog like a pro? Didn’t you ask this question before a lot of times? Today, I have 5 simple tips to help you look like a pro, even if you are a newbie. The best thing about these tips is that they are easy to implement. Yes, you can apply them today and you will look like a pro. If you want to know these tips, just continue reading. Remember, they will make you look like a pro. So check these tips more than a time and try to apply them. Remember again, they will make you look like a pro without spending 100 of hours. So let’s start.

1- Have a different design.

The only thing that attracted me to this blog at the beginning was its different design. The design is different than all other blogging blogs. That’s why I continued reading and then I subscribed to this blog. If you want your readers to do the same, make your design different. If your design is similar to other designs in your niche, first time visitors will think that you have the same ordinary content without even reading it. So, they will leave your blog without doing anything. If you want to attract me to your blog, keep your layout design different. This means you have something different to say. And people will give you more time to introduce yourself to them. If you want other examples in the blogging niche, you can check Social Triggers by Derek Halpern, Become a Blogger by Leslie Samuel, Income Figure by Michael Dunlop and Blog Tyrant by Ramsay Taplin. Those bloggers had built their presence online by having a great design. Yes, they are really great bloggers. But having a unique design made them reach what they are in now faster. So start now. Think about your design and how to make it better and different from other blogs in your niche.

2- Show some Personality.

Show your personality when you are writing to your audience. Tell stories (but don’t overuse it). Don’t write to bots–remember you are speaking to an awesome audience. Try to comment on all the questions and important comments. You are interacting with people; with some personality you will be able to gain your audience’s love. So always try to be personal with your audience. A good example for this is Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. I am sure that none don’t know this awesome blogger. He is really personal while commenting and intersecting with his audience. Try to be like him.

3- Give more value than all the other bloggers.

Try to give the most value to your readers. Give more value than pro bloggers. Show that you know more than them. You don’t need to post daily; you can post weekly. But when you post, your post must be awesome. Try to make your blog an archive that contains only awesome content. Boost Blog Traffic has only 24 posts, but all of them are awesome. The result was that Jon Morrow was able to get 21,000 subscribers. Did you see the difference?

4- Cheat.

Cheat what makes every pro blogger in your niche look like a pro. Cheat their headline structure. Cheat their post structure. Cheat their design style. Cheat their content ideas. Cheat what makes their popular posts have more comment? Cheat and cheat, until you are able to have a blog that shows to your audience that you are a pro blogger. Make sure to check this post on why you should cheat and how to do it: The Sin of Originality (and the Truth about Building a Popular Blog)

5- Be different, but also cheat.

As I said before, your design needs to be different. But how to be different while cheating? You can have a different blog design by cheating the style of sidebar from a blog, the fonts used by another blog, the main color of another blog, and so on. That’s how I designed my blog. When I first started my blog, I cheated the idea of the feature box from Social Triggers. I cheated the design style from Copyblogger + Social Triggers. At last, I was able to create an attractive feature box that is converting well. That’s how you can be different while you are still cheating. So cheat ideas from more than a blog and then create your unique different design.

Last Words:

Nothing will happen if you don’t take action. Start Now. Check all the above steps again. Implement them all and then see the difference. Do you have any other tips to look like a pro? If yes, then why don’t you share them in the comments below? Tell me what you think about this post. Also, tell me what frustrates you most. I may post a post here on the future and you may be featured in it.

Michael Pignataro
VP of Operations


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