5 Shipping Tips For Small Businesses

Many businesses ship products both locally and internationally and rely on a wide range of logistics services to get goods safely and securely to their destination. If your company deals with both large and small volumes of products, having a cost-effective solution for this area of your business is key to sustaining a reasonable profit while delivering excellent customer service. Shipping is an essential aspect of your company strategy so getting the right freight or shipping service and materials for packaging is vital for ensuring you keep costs down but standards high at all times. If you’re looking for solutions to your shipping arrangements, take a look at these hand tips to help you save money in this area.

Organize your warehouse facilities efficiently

In all businesses, you will start to recognize patterns in how customers buy and what type of products get shipped where. The key to making your warehouse processes run faster is to rank products based on their order volumes and forecasted sales. If you place products that fly off the shelves closer to packing stations, this will also help to make packing times a lot faster.

Shipping products together

If you have products that often go to the same destination or you have large volumes to ship, consolidating shipments is a way to keep costs lower. Packaging them on pallets and transporting everything together can also open up different locations to trade with, as shipping costs may have prevented larger contracts previously.

Shop around for packaging materials

How you package your shipments contributes to the overall cost of shipping so choosing cost-efficient solutions will ensure this is kept down to maximize profits. For larger shipments, use resources that will provide low-cost solutions in terms of sorting and packaging your goods. This is a consideration that is often overlooked that can save you a lot of money.

Recycle and reuse packaging

Packaging materials can sometimes be a costly factor in your overall product cost so trying to recycle and reuse materials wherever possible will help to lower this. Some organizations have also tried out using donated cardboard and buying recycled packaging and sticking a label on the outside to explain that they are reusing materials to support their sustainability targets. As long as the packaging is secure and presentable, often consumers do not have an issue with what the label reads. If you are looking for solutions to help with recycling and waste processing, contact Baling Wire Direct.

Use trusted shipping partners

If something sounds too good to be true it often usually is, and this is the same when it comes to suppliers promising the earth for a knockdown price. Trusted suppliers will work hard to keep costs down, and if you are shipping large volumes, you will usually get a discount for continued custom. By using these services, you will have peace of mind that your products are getting to customers safely and quickly, plus you will have a guarantee on the service should anything happen.

These are just some of the best ideas for keeping shipping costs down, and also ensuring delivery is timely and accurate for improved customer satisfaction.


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