5 People You Need for a Successful Digital Marketing Business

Taking the chance at running a digital marketing business in this day and age isn’t a bad idea. There are endless opportunities in the digital world thanks to the boom of the internet. An increasing number of businesses are also seeing the wonders that a digital presence can do for their brands; if you’re skilled in this arena or know people who are, you could achieve great success. If you’re thinking about starting a digital marketing agency, there are essential employees you’re going to have to hire.


Content is still king when it comes to digital marketing. One of the first forms of talent you should be looking for is a copywriter. They are going to write all of the magic that will hopefully help shape brand perceptions and attract the right audiences to each brand. To hire the right copywriter, consider the right skill level and have a budget in mind. Asking for referrals and closely looking at candidates’ portfolios should also help you find good quality writers too.

Social Media Manager

Seeing as so many of your prospective customers are likely to be concentrate on social platforms, you’re going to need to hire a social media manager. They’ll help you manage each client’s social accounts as well as devise strategies to ensure their primary objectives are met. When it comes to social media, the ideal candidate doesn’t necessarily need higher education. What’s more important is that they’re able to demonstrate their ability to deliver results and can show you results they’ve had for other brands.

Web Developer

This is a flexible role as it could easily be outsourced, but you’ll need a website developer or designer for your business. They’re going to come in handy when it’s time to build your website or client sites. Websites are often used to attract organic traffic online.

A website is also helpful if you intend on sharing useful information with your target audience through the means of blog posts and articles. However, you could create a pool of website designers or firms that you can call on when you need them. For instance, Just Legal Marketing Website Design would be perfect if you have a legal client in need of visibility online.

Marketing Strategist

Digital promotion efforts need to be managed by an expert and someone skilled in understanding buyer personas. These are the shoes that a marketing strategist would fill as they will be responsible for creating content calendars, as well as keeping your efforts on track. In terms of skills you should be looking for, it should be a combination of analytical and creative.

Data Analyst

When running a digital marketing firm, you’ll realize that data will help you work far more efficiently. You will, therefore, need a data analyst that will tell you whether your content is making a difference with your audience. Your prospective data analyst should be familiar with major social platforms and know how to use different analytics tools. They should also be able to present data in a simple and understandable way.


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