4 Industries That Have Been Impacted by Machine Learning

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Through the years, technology has definitely been changing for the better. Through recent innovations, the world has been given some of the best products and services that have never been seen before. A few years ago, the world could not even fathom cloud computing. Today, technology continues to grow, and it is interesting to think of what the world will have next.

One of the greatest achievements in technology has got to be machine learning. With machine learning, artificial intelligence learns everything it needs to know about a user and provides content, products and services to them that fit their specific needs. This is great because, through the statistics of a user, a company can now know exactly what to put in front of them in order to make a sale. Machine learning uses your online activity to know what kinds of products you’ll be looking for. It also monitors trends online to adjust advertising campaigns. The sky is the limit when it comes to this kind of artificial intelligence, and this is especially great for certain kinds of industries. Here are four different kinds o industries that have been directly impacted by machine learning and artificial intelligence

1. Auto Industry

People use cars just about every day, so any kind of machine learning that can be done in the auto industry would definitely be a smart idea. Consider the fact that there are now smart-driven AI systems implanted in some vehicles that allow it to be driven by itself. This means that there no longer has to be much effort on the part of the driver. The vehicle will actually adjust course and switch its driving style based on the terrain and other factors. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are no issues with these kinds of vehicles at all, and they might need to undergo a borescope inspection from time to time. But it is amazing to see this type of vehicle be created through machine learning.

2. Marketing

Advertising has greatly been impacted by machine learning, and this is great news for companies everywhere. These days, it seems like powerful companies know what you’re looking for before you even put it into words. This is where machine learning comes in through marketing. When a system can know what you like based on your online activity, it will then present certain products and services to you that will fulfill that need. Also, marketing is smart on social media platforms that will run an advertisement and learn about the interaction it’s getting from other users. From this knowledge, it can adjust course to newer audiences.

3. Healthcare

There is probably no other important industry like healthcare. Patients rely on the care and service they get from their doctors and hospital staff, and this could be a matter of life or death. There are certain kinds of artificial intelligence that can identify certain kinds of cancer in patients that doctors might not be able to at first glance. There are even algorithms in place to tell staff exactly how to handle a patient based on their illnesses and symptoms.

4. Manufacturing

It is actually very common to see artificial intelligence and machine learning at work in a manufacturing facility. Think of the bots that are on the assembly lines that are programmed to assemble products. They even know what to do in case there is an emergency. When AI is implemented at a manufacturing facility, this could reduce the redundant work on the assembly lines, leaving employees to be able to fulfill more important tasks and possibly get paid a higher salary. As it turns out, machine learning in the manufacturing industry can create jobs and increase wages.

These industries are all very important parts of American life, and it is great that there are huge advancements in technology being given to them every day. As machine learning grows, you never know what to expect from these industries.



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