13 Most Fascinating Facts You Apparently Don’t Know About WordPress

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What Is There For You In This Post?

In this post, we’ll talk about the most exciting pieces of facts and stats from around the world of WordPress. In this dive, we’re going to cover all the significant changes and facts all the people need to know about WordPress and the marketing landscape as a whole going into coming 2020 year.

But, before we dive into this exciting WordPress statistics, let’s have a talk about the basics: let’s know what WordPress is?

WordPress: What Is It?

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Well, WordPress is open-source online software which is used by innumerable people to build a website. It is one of the most significant and powerful CMS (content management system) for blogs and websites available these days. More so, it is free to install and download software which works as a great advantage to WordPress.

Well, it is vital to note that there are typically 2 types of WordPress, one is WordPress.com, and the other is WordPress.org. However, there is a difference between these two:

  • WordPress.com – This is a hosted solution
  • WordPress.org – This is free software available for download and can be installed in any WordPress hosting business.

In this section, we will intend to focus on the statistics of WordPress.com and WordPress.org as well.

Now, let’s get into these wonderful yet remarkable WordPress stats!

Stats, And Facts Behind The WordPress Popularity

WordPress has now become one of the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world. Plenty of businesses and bloggers be it small or large scale, are practicing WordPress to build their website.

Here are some of the greatest statistics and facts that demonstrate the prevalence of WordPress all across the globe.

1. WordPress Is The Most Popular Content Management System In The Globe

WordPress powers many more websites as compared to any other content management system in the world. The reason being WordPress, lets a person or business simply write, edit, and publish content on the search engine. More so, WordPress holds 4.5% of the internet.

Around 60 to 65% of the website that uses a content management system are created on WordPress. In fact, there are more than 18 blog posts published on this CMS in every second in the world.

2. Wordpress Blogs Are Written In 120 Distinct Languages

Well, the real value of WordPress strikes far beyond the number of interpreted versions it presently gives.

As per WordPress’s activity tracking, blogs on the WordPress platform are written in more than 120 different languages. Typically, English content dominates the majority of blogs written in English (around 70%), followed by Spanish (4.8%), then Portuguese (2.3%) and Indonesian content (2.4%).

3. At Present, There Are Total 37,559 Plugins Available On WordPress Site, And These Numbers Keep On Increasing With Each Passing Day


At the present time, there are approximately 37,559 plugins available on www.wordpress.org which has been downloaded more than 913,485,200 numbers of times. Indeed this number is so huge and true!

4. The Overall WordPress Team Is Really Small

The actual company behind WordPress i.e., Automatic and other online businesses works with 678 numbers of employees operating with them.

As demonstrated in its about us section, this signifies WordPress staffs just a fraction of employees as so compared to other top performing businesses.

5. Wordpress Can Be Installed In Languages Other Than English As Well

You don’t need to bother if English is not your first language as WordPress allows translations of 56 other languages. You can pick your first language while installing WordPress or you can make a change in the settings page for the dashboard.

6. WordPress Conferences (WordCamp)

WordCamp every year gets organize in more than 65 countries, 6 continents, and 68 cities of the world.

Discussions and knowledge exchange happens about everything linked to WordPress. Any person can be a part of WordCamps, more so, you don’t need to be a WordPress specialist to have a part in it. See if it’s occurring in the country you’re residing and make the maximum out of it. IT savvy people discuss and exchange knowledge associated with WordPress, and no need to be a WordPress specialist to engage in it.

7. Around 69.3% Of WordPress Websites Are Practicing WordPress Version 4

WordPress often launches its updated versions in the market. It has already launched its version1, version 2, version 3, and the most advanced version 4. The latest version has been installed by 69.3% of whole websites (which are operating on WordPress). Analyze the statistics of its various versions here-

WordPress version % of sites working on WordPress
Version1 0.2%
Version2 0.9%
Version3 29.9%
Version4 69.5%

8. No One Possesses WordPress

Since WordPress is open-source, it is not owned by a business; instead, it is maintained by different volunteers from over the world. Furthermore, anyone can ask for new characteristics, submit error reports and complexities, update documentation, volunteer in the help forums, and much more.

9. WordPress Meetups in More Than 58 Countries

WordPress meetups are more modest events organized by local associations beneath the parasol of the WordPress Foundation. In the year 2016, there were around 3193 WordPress meetups held in 58 countries which were accompanied by 62,566 people.

10. WordPress.Org Plugins Got 1 Billion Total Downloads And Counting

Till now, WordPress.org plugins got more than 1 billion total downloads among which, 50,000+ WordPress plugins are in the official directory, with new ones being appended every day.

More so, 1,250,000,000+ total plugin installations occurred happened on WordPress.org as of now, and WooCommerce powers 28% of online stores, with 30 million downloads.

11. Search Rate for “WordPress” Keyword is around 37 million for each month

WordPress is one of the top-most 1000,000 popular sites. If you ever consider doing a research for the keyword “WordPress” you will see 450,000 matches worldwide; actually a considerable number. Globally, more than 37 million are made for this particular term.

WordPress alone is grabbing around 7,679,800 potential visitors with every passing day. The reason behind it obviously the user-friendly CMS offered by it, which enables nearly every person to customize a website according to his/her desired needs.

12. WordPress Revenue Reaches the Magic Number of Billion

WordPress is one of the non-profit organization and the actual company behind it, i.e., Automatic has earned revenue of around $1.3 billion which is a lot ahead of other WordPress organizations like WP Engine and Envato.

13. WordPress Is More Visited Than Twitter

With approximately 131 million new visitors hitting it every month, WordPress has become one of the most visited sites. In fact, these numbers are still high if compared with twitter. Twitter gets around 114 million unique visitors every month, which is actually less than WordPress – as shared by Automatic.


Sprung in 2003, WordPress is presently 16 years old. Much has grown since its initial inception, but the center functionality behind the CMS — to enable users to commence blogs of their individual — will always be a characteristic of this system. It has also grown with time and is now utilized by various kinds of businesses, from Start-Up to Fortune 500 businesses.

Are there some certain WordPress stats which you think we should have added but missed? If yes, comment your opinions, and we’ll share them up!

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