10 Best Reasons Why WordPress Is Ideal for Startups

10 Best Reasons Why WordPress Is Ideal for Startups

If the query ‘Why WordPress is ideal for startups?’ is continuously scratching your head, you have caught us right then!

The two main concerns of any newbie business owner are the cost-effective method to have a web presence and an effective online presence with enough traffic. And WordPress is the true solution to it.

WordPress or WP is surely not a new term for you if you are involved in this technical world. Having a WP website is a super handy and cost-saving method to put your unique ideas in front of the world. You can make various kinds of websites using this content management system. Some of them are:

  • You can start a business website.
  • You can make a blog.
  • You can begin an e-commerce platform.
  • You can create a membership website.
  • You can start an auction platform.

And many other website options are there that you can make hassle-freely with WordPress. So, whatever startup idea you choose, WordPress can get your back in all cases. Here are some reasons why you should choose WordPress for your small business.

Let’s dive in to read!

Why is WordPress ideal for your startup?

#1 Migration is super easy

Any newbie in the business world is hesitant to go for a particular software or technology. And sometimes they invest a hefty amount of money in technologies that they don’t need. This can lead to heavy losses in the future or the failure of the web platforms.

If this happens, moving onto another platform is not so easy as your data is bound up to the previous one. But trust me, WordPress is the true solution to it.

As this content management system provides you with the self-hosted installation, you can effectively do the migration. And the best part is, your data is yours only. One more important thing to make this super easy is the assistance you get with the platform.

#2 Great variety of themes and plugins to choose from

The main attraction to having WordPress for small businesses is the huge variety of themes and plugins. As newbie companies don’t have enough money to spend on websites and their extension, WP provides massive support in this case. Most plugins and themes are available in free versions with basic functionality which is enough for startups.

WordPress repository has over 50K plugins to choose from. Like, you can get a plugin to SEO of your website, you can choose WordPress schema plugins, or you can go for pre-order plugins. And the list is endless.

You have to decide the extended functionality that you want to integrate with your online platform. And WordPress provides you with numerous themes and plugins in free and pro both versions.

#3 Get big support from a really big community

Another good reason to choose WordPress for startups is the huge support of the professional community. As you are well aware that WP is free and open source, and there are a lot of people that contribute to the platform.

As a newbie to the online business world, anyone can stuck during developing or managing a website. The huge community of WordPress helps you to easily come out of it.

Another big support from such a big community is the regular maintenance updates for your WP website. You can also ask for anything from experienced WordPress users as the community comprises users, developers, and testers. They are always ready to improve the platform by incorporating the latest features and functionalities.

#4 Don’t need to spend much on SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the biggest concerns in this competitive digital world. Every business is going online, so it has become really hard to get the desired traffic on any website. And the result of this is to hire professional SEOs to manage the website’s optimization.

But if you jump to WordPress for your small business website, you don’t need to spend much on SEO. You can choose from various plugins available to crack awesome SEO techniques for your website. And also the configuration of WordPress is search engine friendly. That makes it more suitable to have optimized websites.

Various WP plugins can help to integrate the correct meta headings and right keywords to optimize the content. And with the right search engine support, helps you to get the right customers to bring more and more organic traffic.

#5 Super easy to make an e-commerce platform

If you have a startup with an e-commerce facility, then WordPress is the hero for you. This content management platform is well-known for building online shopping websites that too very quickly with its hundreds of free extensions.

You can add mind-blowing features like pre-order, spin-a-wheel, coupon codes, etc. with selected WP plugins. If you are a startup which is having just a basic website but wants to sell its products, then WordPress can help you to achieve this nicely.

The hundreds and hundreds of plugins available in the WordPress repository provide enough scalability and functionality for any sort of e-commerce website. You just need to choose the best one as per your store’s requirements.

#6 WordPress provides great room for reliability

WP has taken the website development process by storm. But the actual numbers will take your mind away. Yes, you read it right!

More than 40% of the market is captured alone by WordPress only. The number is really big, so you don’t need to consider its reliability.

You can make a highly dependable website as it has a huge community of developers and users to give you the best support. Also, when you work with WordPress, you use coding languages like PHP, Javascript, and SQL. The excellent reputation of all these platforms and the tried and tested features of WP provides significant room for a reliable project.

#7 Personalize your website in no time

Want to change fonts? Or want to change the background? Or want to transform the dashboard? Or want to create unique sliders…. WordPress is there for you in all such situations.

As the digital world around you is so competitive, every new business wants to make a unique and customized website. And WordPress makes this possible for you hassle-freely.

Its free themes and plugins can help you to do enough customization of your website to make your brand look different. The best part is, if you are new to the web designing world, WordPress can make you a pro in no time.

#8 Scale and expand your website whenever you want

Every small business is willing to expand the company at every stage possible. And if you are handling your business website with WordPress, You can easily scale and expand it whenever you feel like it.

WordPress is a self-hosted content management system, so being a user, you can choose any hosting provider. This step helps a lot in the future to expand the website without any hurdles.

You also have access to the source code under WordPress. Hence, you can edit and customize the website anytime you feel your company is growing.

#9 Stay updated with trends

Who doesn’t want to stay updated with trends in this competitive world? Nobody… right!

There are numerous business options for customers available in this digital market. If you don’t provide them with enough modifications, you may lose them.

And I am sure, any startup doesn’t want to face this as already small businesses are like a roller-coaster ride for the owner.

Likewise, staying updated with trends is one of the crucial ways to take hold of your customers and never let them go. As you already know, WordPress is maintained in the hands of a huge community, so it gets regular updates. That’s why WP websites will never go out of trend.

#10 Super light on your pocket

The last but most important reason to opt for WordPress for startups is the development cost associated with it.

As the platform is free and open source, you need to pay for a domain name and the hosting service. This will cut down your development cost to a great extent.

You don’t need the help of any special developer as the source code is available to all. Anyone with a little technical knowledge can learn WordPress as the steps provided with it are so easy to follow.

Beyond developing a website, if you want additional functionality, then you can try your hands on thousands of free themes and plugins. You may find some limitations in the free versions, but trust me, for a startup, they are more than sufficient.

End Note: WordPress can be the best decision for your startup!

That’s it!

Hope these 10 best reasons why WordPress is ideal for startups are enough for you to persuade further. After reading through all such benefits, I think the WP platform is a stroke of luck for all small business owners.

The fantastic part of working with this platform is the free add-ons in terms of plugins and themes. You don’t need to particularly search for any other add-on for different features, WordPress has it all.

And another important reason to consider is the ‘flexibility’ that helps you to grow your small business at the right stage.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and try your hands on WordPress for your startup.

Hope, you find this blog informative!

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