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CSS or Cascading Style Sheets helps the web designers to stylize the visual elements of a web page. It was first developed in 1997, to enhance the look of their creation as it intended to segregate design and content. But it was in 2000, when CSS soared into community among the community of web designers with a remarkable increase in the use of various colors and texts for the web pages. This style sheet language is used for the layout of the interfaces and the web pages that are coded with markup languages. This language helps to describe the different elements of designs of a website that includes font, layout and color.

Utility of CSS

CSS enables a web page to fit different devices, for instance the portable devices, large screens and the likewise. It is important to understand that HTML is different from CSS and this separation makes the maintenance of the sites and web pages easy. These style sheets facilitate the browsers to portray the web pages the way it should be. For designing memes, web designer use CSS and HTML to accumulate different elements that can help to produce an attractive meme that can fetch hilarious review.

Know about memes

If you are wondering what a meme is, and why you need to design it and make it attractive, then you need to explore the fun element attached to it. Well, meme acts as a tool that mimics various ideas, action and styles and it is transferred through the internet through links, hashtag, email and other modes of electronic communication. The use of a meme is prominent in the social media network. The content of these memes are generally funny images or video and also a text. These memes aim at the various existing cultures and subcultures of the internet. The best part of memes is that they add fun to the communication. Visit our website to see some funny memes that have gone viral.

Evolution of internet memes

Memes date back to 1976 as the word was first coined by Richard Dawkins in his book. It was the result of various efforts to explain the spread of cultural information. Of the general memes that are created, internet memes are subset that specifically aims the culture of the internet. According to Dawkins, the internet meme is different from the original memes and is a result of the alteration caused due to the creativity of the internet users. Creating these memes is easy with the help of markup languages and style sheets.

Research the existing ones

Prior to the creation of these memes there are few important aspects that you need to consider. Start with a study of the memes that have proved to be a hit among the internet users. You can derive ideas from them and also track the recent development in the social media sites to know the in thing and the incidences that triggers laughter. Incidents, legends and videos, are often used for creating a meme. Choosing a good subject for the meme is also important and you also need to determine the medium of the same. After you have decided on the content, the next important step is to make a layout and compose the content.

Style with CSS

Irrespective of the tool that you use, it is essential for any meme to be simple and short. It is important to choose appropriate visuals that will portray the thought that you want to convey. The basic coding of the page that contains the memes is done with HTML, but with CSS you can play with the design and the layout of the same and give it a desired look. It allows changing the style of the different memes or the different web pages that have these memes.

Change the formatting

While creating a meme make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing. To achieve the perfect layout and design of a meme so that it attracts the attention of the internet users, you can change the formatting of the same. Changing the size of the margin, reducing the font size to keep it in sync with the image are few of the simple things that you can do with the help this style sheet. Type the codes in the master style sheet and you can notice the desired changes in your meme.

An excellent promotional tool

If you are not satisfied with the changes, then you can redo the design with few clicks on the various buttons in the interface. Font type and the background color can also be changed with the help of these style sheets. With these style sheets, the memes can be viewed across different operating systems and devices without any alteration in the design or the layout of the same. Memes serve as an excellent tool of promotion or marketing, so while designing the same, you can also embed a link of the website of your brand. Memes have created a buzz of late for their ability to propagate the information in a humorous way.
Bio: Meme Member – Memes lets you effortlessly share funny pictures. Janice Grohl is a graphic designer working on freelance projects for the last ten years.


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