How to Use Technology to Improve Remote Working Productivity

There are many benefits to implementing remote working within your business, and many industries are designed to work best through technology and remote working. While there are many benefits to working this way, one problem which remote working can encounter is problems with productivity or communication due to distance and everyone working on an individual basis in their own space. 

So how can you improve productivity and ensure it’s still adhered to, no matter how many remote workers you have or where you’re working from in the world?

Have a System Which Promotes Flexibility

One key benefit of working remotely is the flexibility it offers. It allows employees to eradicate a busy commute and work more on their own terms. You can improve on this by offering more flexibility by allowing remote employees to work when they are most productive. If you can be completely flexible with working hours for your company instead of set start and finishing times, this can help individuals to work when they are at their most productive. 

Using technology and software, you can help support this by ensuring that employees have access to all the information they need, any time of the day, to easily log in and out, update and work whenever they need to.

Connect Your Team with the Right Devices

Having a lack of essential devices or trouble communicating can easily put a dampener on productivity. To make sure communication is flowing at its best and everyone is remaining connected, be sure to outfit your team with the right devices. Devices with video call capabilities, clear audio quality, and good picture will help your team to more easily connect, see each other, and speak to each other when required.

Plan for Regular Meetings

Remote team members can quickly feel out of the loop if regular catchup meetings aren’t implemented. Regular meetings help to bring everyone back together and work on the same page, as well as discuss important information or recent developments. 

Setting a regular day and time for meetings can be helpful for productivity, whether it’s a quick meeting at the end of every day or once a week. 

For even more productive meetings and web conferences with your staff team, be sure to include caption options and live captioning for events hosted online, to help improve meetings and enhance employee engagement. 

Use Emails to Your Advantage 

If you can include everyone in email trails and conversations, this can be a big help in giving everyone the same access to information and avoiding the risk of forgetting to forward emails. This can also help everyone to feel more connected with each other in viewing or replying to an email discussion in which everyone is involved in. Using the right email software and management system can help to better organize all contacts and conversations. 

In Summary

A lot of remote working productivity will come from conscious efforts to improve communication and check-in. The more isolated a remote employee feels, the more likely it is that they will feel less motivated and out of the loop, so using technology to implement good methods is key. 


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