12 Best Billing and Invoicing Software for Small Business and freelancers

Invoicing software is pure bliss! Small business owners who do not want to invest in hiring an accountant, online payment platforms are doing an expert job for them instead. Easy on the pocket, quick and real-time reporting with the ability to accept multiple currencies and make international payments, an invoice software is all that one needs to run a business smoothly.

Don’t know which to get? Get a glimpse of some of the best billing and invoicing software for small business owners to facilitate transactions quickly.

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Irrespective of your business size, PeachPay is the one to get. It is the most flexible invoicing software that accepts multiple payment options, including cryptocurrencies. The highlight of the software that makes it all the more tempting is the feature to cover or split transaction fees amongst the clients. With its PayMe Page, you can use both traditional ways of payments and cryptocurrencies to get your business running. The transactions will carry out by using two prominent gateways; Stripe, and Coinbase that a user can choose.

  • AvidXchange:

Best at automating accounts with 24/7 on-demand access, AvidXchange is setting the bar real high this year. Also, they are offering one year free of access to their Remote AP Processing and Payments Operations if you register before the 30th of May. You get 12 months of free access where your account is up and running in about 14 days with 5 to 10 hours of your time if you need their help to set up the software for you.

  • QuickBooks

It is all in one solution invoice software! Also, they have started a new feature of live bookkeeping. You can ask for a consultation where you can get an expert to manage your company records. An expert at QuickBooks will look after and categorize transactions, outstanding payments, and get rid of the chaos to help you understand the cash flow of your company in a better way. By generating detailed reports, you will have a clear idea of the business transactions.

  • Wave

A software developed just for the entrepreneurs is the best in town for small business owners. Wave is an award-winning platform and popular among the younger generation. Clean and crisp dashboard, easy to understand platform which helps generate quick invoices and manage them as you like. The highlight – It is free of charge! It helps with accounting just like any other software but is suited best for small business needs with basic accounting requirements.

  • Hiveage

Compared to the other online payment platforms, Hiveage offers a lot more. It is diverse when it comes to payment options and supports a dozen online payment gateways like that of PayPal, stripe, and more. Not only this, but you can also get a team online for your help to run the business transactions safely. They offer plans where you can look up for the services you require and get a custom team that will work just for you. Share the load with them while you make significant business decisions.

  • Sage

For inventory records, budgeting solutions, bills, invoices, estimations, and keeping track of taxes and maintenance, Sage is the software for you. For someone who is looking to work on a global scale, sage can be your go-to online payment platform with cloud computing, invoicing solutions, and cash flow management rendering maximum support to small businesses in America.

  • Relia Bills

The recurring Billing software that generates faster invoices, pricing options for small business holders, invoice templates, and more, it has all set in one place. You can start by making a free account and choose from the all-inclusive services that it offers. Best suited for small businesses and freelancers, Relia Bills helps to manage cash flow and get reports, payment reminders, and automated subscriptions, helping one to never miss on a payment transaction.

  • FreshBooks

Popular in the market, designed for self-employed and freelancers to small scale business, it a tad bit expensive than the rest. It takes care of every accounting need. It is known for its powerful tools that generate accurate reports, saves time by enabling automation and subscription renewals, and offers multiple ways to get and make payments.

  • Xero

Hassle-free, works remotely, real-time reports, and cash flow management is what defines Xero. You can do bank transactions reconciliation to bulk invoicing that offers integration with 800+ business apps in the market. Paying clients or receiving money could never have been as easy as with Xero, which is popular amongst the business apps that they prefer using Xero for payments.

  • Zoho

Zoho Books is simply fabulous! It is all about giving benefits to the user. When you sign up with Zoho, irrespective of the plan, they proffer five to ten automated workflows that are free of cost, which you can use to plan your least favorite tasks. It has a Forever Free Plan designed to offer one user and five clients for your account, and if you choose to pay $9 a month, you can get the benefit of up to 50 clients, which makes it extremely affordable.

  • Tipalti

Are you looking for technical support for billing and invoicing? Tipalti is the one for you! It offers you a guide to help you streamline business payment operations globally. Known for proposing the most efficient payable system, B2B operations running internationally, Tipalti works rigorously to provide its users with technical solutions to facilitate business transactions.

You now don’t have to wait for weeks for bookkeeping closures, Titaplti can do it in a matter of a couple of days. So, if you are in a hurry and records are in a mess where the time to pay the tax is running, get Tipalti technical support for quick solutions.

  • Free Agent

To get paid faster, Free Agent is the one to opt! With cloud-based computing, it helps small business owners with an invoice, managing expenses, keeping track of payroll, file for tax returns, and other accounting tasks. Also, you get the option to download its mobile app both for android and iOS, helping you to manage invoices and set up instructions the way you like.

To conclude:

Get nothing but the best invoicing software, if you want to save yourself from the headaches and endless worrying to receive and send payments. Choose an online payment platform that offers professional invoice templates and make the job of payable operations less time-consuming.



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