Rank Tracker Review – Will It Help You Drive Your SEO Campaigns in 2022 & Beyond?

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Rank Tracker Review

When the number one priority is attracting visitors and potential customers, it is imperative to have an excellent rank tracking tool. With so many various instruments on the market, it can be tricky and challenging to identify the best one. A perfect SEO tool should balance the price, design, and usability. Which other software best fits the description, if not the RankTracker by SEO PowerSuite? It gives you all these services in their best form and at the most affordable prices in the market. So, what is SEO PowerSuite RankTracker, and what can you expect from it? We’re going to answer these questions in our review.

What Is Rank Tracker?

Some of the competitor rank trackers on the market come with limits on the statistics you get from your website. However, Rank Tracker outweighs all these SEO tools by being the top rank checker tool. It comes with unlimited data, which gives you first-hand information on the ranking performance for any of your keywords. If you want to learn more, this Rank Tracker review will help you get a clearer picture.

Rank Tracker Review – Will It Help You Drive Your SEO Campaigns in 2022 & Beyond?

Mentioned as the handiest and most customizable checker, Rank Tracker is a the most valuable keyword and position-tracking tool available in the SEO software package. As we’ve been able to see while working on this review, it makes finding specific keywords and first positions in Google search as simple as two plus two. Perfectly priced compared to other rank tracking tools, it gains applications that stretch across all website types and has been used for several decades.

Below is a detailed definition of a Rank Tracker and a review of some of its applications in SEO routine.

Review of RankTracker functions

In a nutshell, the tool allows you to trace your website’s ranking using specific keywords. The compatible nature of the rank tracker grants it several uses and multiple applications on the SEO platform. Besides tracking the ranks and keywords on your page, it also has other significant applications that you must be fully aware of.

Now, let’s review some of the main applications of the rank tracker.

Keyword targeting

Rank Tracker Review – Will It Help You Drive Your SEO Campaigns in 2022 & Beyond?

One central reason why the tool is sought by SEO agencies and other specialists is due to its rank tracking feature. But what does it involve exactly? Well, as we have revealed when working on this review, if you use RankTracker for targeting keywords, the software gets you covered in the following three areas:

  • Ranking summary: checking the domain’s visibility by time and search engine, tracking keyword ranking and their moves up and down, scheduling tasks, and alerts, monitoring competitors’ ranking, and comparing the domain’s ranking with previously saved results (you need to use a paid-for version to be able to save the ranking history).
  • Tracking ranking: tracking the ranking for an unlimited number of keywords, extensive stats for each keyword including the number of searches, visibility, keyword difficulty, PPC, competitors, and more; local and global search engines customization, plus Top 10, 50, or 100 rankings check available in the free edition.
  • Keyword map: exhaustive keyword analysis that includes SEO analysis, Keyword Difficulty, PPC analysis, and Ranking analysis plus an option to set the software to automatically complete certain tasks such as keyword ranking updates, report publishing, or data export.

Keyword research

Rank Tracker Review – Will It Help You Drive Your SEO Campaigns in 2022 & Beyond?

Apart from tracking ranking as such, the software is likewise an excellent keyword finder tool, as our independent Rank Tracker overview has determined. So what do we mean by this? Well, the truth is that when we got down to working on this review, we didn’t expect the software to offer so many keyword finders or, more appropriately, keyword research tools. Judge by yourself, Rank Tracker gets you covered in

  • Identifying the keywords for which the domain already ranks in Google and other search engines;
  • Identifying the keyword gap by analyzing competitors’ keywords;
  • Collecting organic keywords by connecting your account to Google Analytics and Google Search Console;
  • Collecting new keyword ideas from outside instruments such as Google Ads Keyword Planner, Amazon, YouTube, etc.

The abovementioned list of tasks this keyword finder tool can do for you is far from being full. More than that, as you do your research, you can customize it largely by selecting the relevant search engines, the type of device (mobile or desktop), the type of traffic (organic, video, site links, etc.), and the ranking (top 10, top 50, etc.).

SERP Analysis

Rank Tracker Review – Will It Help You Drive Your SEO Campaigns in 2022 & Beyond?

In addition to the above mentioned features, our review has shown that the tool can not only find keywords and track ranking but is, among all, an excellent SERP checker. Do you want to pinpoint opportunities for outranking the rivals? Thanks to its advanced SERP checking feature, the tool enables you to do just that. For each keyword, it provides you with a whole deal of useful details, from the number of searches and expected visits to estimated PPC and competition. Add comprehensive SERP average statistics, with Domain InLink Rank, domain traffic, and more, and you get super helpful SEO software that is a keyword finder and a SERP checker all in one.

Competitor research

Rank Tracker Review – Will It Help You Drive Your SEO Campaigns in 2022 & Beyond?

After the full review of RankTracker and its various features, we can say that the best thing about its competitor research function is that it allows approaching competition analysis from different angles. That is, apart from researching domain competitors, you can also discover topic competitors as well as find out how separate web pages of the domain are ranked in Google and how they compete against each other. Besides, we especially liked that it has a huge selection of search engines, local customization, and a plethora of details covered, from intersecting keywords to the competitor’s organic traffic.

Domain strength

Rank Tracker Review – Will It Help You Drive Your SEO Campaigns in 2022 & Beyond?

One more nice feature worth mentioning in this review is the domain strength assessment which allows you to get a “big picture” of how the domain is doing overall. More specifically, the domain strength analysis provides you with insights into the domain’s general characteristics (InLink Rank, IP, country, etc.), its indexing in search engines, backlinks details (linking domains, IPs, etc.), social media popularity, and the traffic to your website. The last detail is only available if you synchronize the software with Google Analytics.

Reports and customization

Rank Tracker Review – Will It Help You Drive Your SEO Campaigns in 2022 & Beyond?

Last but not least is the software’s flexibility and the extended opportunities for customization that it offers to users. This feature might be of special interest to SEO agencies and those who need to complete large-scale campaigns. If you use a paid-for software edition — we will focus on the aspect of the Rank Tracker pricing in more detail below — you will be able to create, publish, and export all sorts of reports from keyword ranking to competition analysis. Besides, when working on this review, we have discovered a whole bunch of customizable settings, from Moz API to proxy settings.

Why Is The Rank Tracker Important? Pros and cons review

Tracking rankings plays an important role in SEO and marketing for every business website and platform. Understanding its benefits can come a long way, by showing you what you miss when you do not use a perfect tracking tool.

Below are some of the benefits that we have identified when preparing this review and that, we believe, will be helpful to know for you to use the rank tracking tool efficiently:

Rank Tracker Pros

  1. Performance monitoring – as you might see from our review, Rank Tracker is primarily designed to help you to determine the scope of the achieved and the missed in any business setting. Keeping track of SEO performance lets you see what is or is not working and properly curate strategies to adjust operations when necessary.
  2. Research platform – another major takeaway from our review is that Rank Tracker provides a subtle research platform that allows you to scope the competitor field and learn a thing to help grow your business. You will grasp the perfect way to approach excellence by benchmarking your positions to your competitors’.
  3. Maximize traffic – high traffic relates to high profits. Having worked on this review for a while, we can say for sure Rank Tracker enables customization to the desired need to ensure growth in high-value traffic. Moreover, Rank Tracker enables you to assess whether the traffic you are getting is from top SERP ranks or not.
  4. Provides new business opportunities – Rank Tracker pinpoints new opportunities in your business. During cross-referencing with the competition, you reveal keyword gaps that, with wise coverage, lead to new business opportunities.
  5. Easily troubleshoot your page – when an SEO page is vulnerable to instability and keyword cannibalization, ank Tracker provides a straightforward way to detect the error. Additionally, your page can drop from a stable position, thus delaying traffic, which can bring about losses. Early identification of these errors is imperative so as not to lose traffic.
  6. Allows for frequent optimization – as this review has demonstrated, Rank Tracker allows you to continuously find areas in dire need of improvements for maximum profits. Achieving a well-worked site is a continuous process, and it is because Rank Tracker continuously provides loopholes to optimize your webpage performance.
  7. Easy keyword finding – Rank Tracker allows customers to locate keywords they wish to find on a webpage easily.
  8. It is a balance of price and functionality – Rank Tracker is a widely used tracking tool thanks to its easy-to-use interface which we hope our review illustrates. Fetching for a slightly lower price when compared to other providers, Rank Tracker can provide optimum functionality and makes the best of your site.
  9. Automated report review – in any analysis, the important step is summarizing the research report. Rank Tracker provides customizable templates for you to record your reports. Achieving this manually can be a hard process. Rank Tracker allows you to receive your report for any analysis done automatically.

Cons of Rank Tracker

Though it is among the best tracking tools available in the market, it has some drawbacks. Limitations of this ank Tracker that we’ve discovered when working on this review include:

  1. Requires a proper setup procedure – Rank Tracker is a desktop tool that requires installation. Before we could begin working on the review as such, we had to download and install the software on the laptop..
  2. It is hefty software – Rank Tracker is a demanding tool as it only operates optimally on powerful PCs. As we could notice when preparing the review, there might be delays with the results for not-so-powerful computers, causing some unwanted inconveniences.


So what conclusion can we arrive at from this review? When we say that the usability of this Rank Tracker is simple, we mean those benefits we discussed above.The software is simple to use, and can be easily learned by anyone after a small tutorial. For maximum profits, a website owner should well comprehend the purpose of all functionalities of the tracking tools. Rank tracking, keyword research, competitor research are quite complicated tasks, , that’s why SEO PowerSuite ranks among the best in the tracking market for delivering an outstanding tool to do all the tasks the easy way.



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