Is Press Release Distribution Right For Your Business: 9 Benefits you Can’t Ignore


Do you have a new product, celebrating a milestone, or planning to collaborate with a top 500 company? Press release distribution is a way to go.

If you’re not yet including it as part of your marketing strategies, you are missing a lot of potential benefits that your business should be experiencing. It can be a great tool to reach wide boundaries and grow your business.

Are you aware of these benefits? Here are things that you may be missing, so you’ll work on including it in your tactics:

  1. It helps startups and small business grow their business.

Issuing releases are one way to share the word out about your offer or announcement of your company. You can reach out to journalists who are likely to cover you or use a newswire service that helps you promote your story in different locations and sites.

It is especially effective not only for large companies but small businesses and start-ups because it can help them get more exposure. It is an easy way to get in front of their target audience and promote their story.

As more people recognize your business, more people will visit your site. The influx of traffic to your site can help increase leads, sales, and brand awareness.

When done regularly, your business name will be known in your industry. Since more people are aware of your brand, it would be easier for you to do business.

Small businesses can benefit well from distributing releases on a regular basis. It’s not only for big companies. When done right, it can easily grow your business.

  1. It helps manage your reputation proactively.

One way that you can use releases is during safety concerns, recalls, security breaches and other legal scenarios. When you issue a release, you can control what you want the people to know and understand the issue.

Since it is factual and informative, it helps people to become aware of your critical announcement. It is a way to mitigate the crisis and solve problems.

Issuing releases is an effective way to control the issues involving your business. You can air your side right away, and let your audience feel that you’re taking things seriously.

During these times that it is so easy for businesses to experience online backlash and get off guard, having a backup plan to manage your reputation should not be an option. You should know how to issue a release that will safeguard your brand from a crisis.

  1. You can control your own story.

There’s no doubt that releases are an effective method to have control of your own message. When you issue the content, it gives you the opportunity to share important happenings around your business, let them know what you stand for or what matters to you, and explain the value that your offer provides.

It is also your opportunity to defend your company in times of a crisis. By issuing a release, you can air your side of the story.

A release is a type of content that is about you, your offer and how you want people to perceive your brand. Unlike published articles and reviews, they can say anything about you.

When you write your own story, you are the one who has control of what you want to say and share to your audience. You can create your own story that will help grow your brand.

  1. It enhances your SEO.

If you think that releases don’t provide any SEO value since Google has changed its algorithms, you’re thinking wrong. It still provides indirect SEO value to a site when done right.

A well written and optimized release can get on top of the search engines. Proper use of keywords and links optimize a site that ranks them well on the search engine result pages (SERPs). You’ll appear on the organic search results.

Google loves a site that is useful and relevant. If it answers people’s inquiries, it will reward you by placing your site on the top search results.

Not only that, syndicating releases on social media sites positions you on top search results. The more likes, shares, and comments it gets, the better for your ranking. Moreover, you gain referral traffic when your news is picked up by a newspaper, magazine or media site.

Releases are not your link-building tools, but it is still useful to place your site on the top rankings. It helps you become visible and searchable on the internet.

  1. It boosts your sales.

When you issue releases, you build trust and credibility which places you at the industry. Featuring your products and services positions your brand on top of the market.

Since you are distributing releases, people become aware of your product or service. They learn how they can benefit from you.

You provide them with a way to discover your brand, and how they can interact with you. Once they begin engaging with you, they can easily make purchasing decisions. Without the need to convince them to buy, you can increase your marginal profit. They can make decisions because they find something in your brand that they decide to choose you over the other brands.

If you’re going to use a press release distribution service, people can share your content across different channels. This means that you have access to a wider reach and exposure. People who aren’t able to see your content can now see it.

As more people can read and share your content, you have the tendency to go viral. When your news become viral, there’s a great possibility that more people will buy your offer.

  1. It boosts traffic to your site.

Another great advantage of having press release distribution is boosting traffic to your site. We all know that more visitors to your site provide a lot of returns for your business.

When more people are visiting your site, they can learn more about you. You can use your site to tell people what matters to you, what you are, what you offer, and how they can benefit from you.

You can include links to your site, so they can perform an action that would help you reach your goal. Moreover, make sure to optimize your site to boost people to visit you. When you are on top of the rankings, they are more likely to check your business over the other.

  1. You are able to reach your target audience.

A press release distribution newswire service offers geographic targeting and are industry specific. It means that they can help you reach your target audience easily.

For instance, if you want to reach a local or national audience, they have a network of media that can cover your story. Relevant media ensure that you are getting your message right to the audience. It helps you get in touch with people who care about your brand and message.

  1. It enhances visibility and trust.

When people read your content more often, it is easy for them to trust you. Trust is the foundation of credibility. Without trust, they will not interact with your brand.

This is why earning trust should be part of your content marketing campaign. One way to do it is by writing releases focus on your expertise. Talk about topics that you know a lot.

When people read content that you are good at, they are more likely to read and engage. They will trust your brand over the others.

  1. It can position you as a thought leader.

If you are a skilled and professional in your own field, why not write topics that interest your audience in your area? Let’s say you are a professional medical physician dealing with surgeries. Why not talk about the latest innovation in surgery that you have practiced recently?

Writing about the topic can position you as an expert in your niche. You can further enhance it by joining conversations about the topic online. Doing it can make you an authority in your field.

However, be wary that if you want to be an expert in your field, you need to issue it for the long term. You can’t expect overnight results. People need to see that you are consistent with your message.

If you are an expert in your arena, journalists can see it. They can use your content as a source for writing stories. Perhaps, they are writing a story about your industry, they can refer to you as a source.

Positioning your brand as a great source of information will give you an edge over your competitors. Journalists are more likely to come back to you again and again because you are a great source.

It can enhance your relationship with the media. That gives you an additional bonus because they can consider to give you media coverage later.

Whatever you want to achieve at the end of the campaign, make sure to focus on it when doing your content marketing campaign. Keep track of the performance of your releases. Know who, when and how the media and your target audience consume your news.


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