Our new plugin makes CSS3 in IE (and any other browser) easy!

What is this?

Anyone who has tried to add CSS3 to their site knows how difficult and time consuming it is to figure out the correct code for the correct browsers. Also, how do I make it work with IE? Wonder no more! With the Automated CSS3 Generator Plugin all you need to do is enter the values for the CSS3 you need and it does the rest. It also only outputs the CSS for the browser you are using so you won’t need 4 lines of CSS to do a simple rounded corner anymore.

Why would I use it?

Many images on a website are only there to emulate the look of a CSS3 command. A prime example is a rounded corner box with a slight drop shadow. It typically can take any- where from 3-20K of images, depending on how it’s done. With this plugin you don’t need extra div tags, images and 30 lines of CSS.
This saves HTTP requests and download time which can increase your SEO value. It also literally saves HOURS of development time and gives you options you didn’t have before.

What does it support?

We didn’t add in anything that IE can’t do exactly the same as the other browsers, so you don’t have to worry about your site looking different between browsers. The only exception is text-shadow. There is no way to have IE look exactly the same as other browsers with text-shadow, but it’s about as close as you can get!

We have currently added the following CSS3 into the plugin:

  • Drop Shadow
  • Text Shadow
  • Rounded Corners
  • Opacity
  • Gradients (simple)
  • RGBA
  • Rotate
  • Border Image (limited)

Visit the product page at https://www.corephp.com/joomla-products/automated-css3-generator-plugin.html or purchase here

We also offer paid support for transferring the images on your site into CSS3 code to save you valuable download time. Contact us today to learn more!


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