How Should You Optimize Your Joomla Website for Better Ranking?

Search engine optimization is a basic need when you have a Joomla website to manage. There are so many integral parts of the SEO management techniques and when you implement the right ones for your website you can ensure that your site is actually getting better exposure online and the search performances are also enhanced to a great extent. There are different hosting platforms for the website and choosing the right option for your business is important. The business owner and the marketer often opt for the Joomla website which is feature packed and makes your business works much easier than any other option that you have.

Joomla website – Different from other site platforms

A Joomla website is slightly different from the various other website platforms, and hence it has to be tackled accordingly. The SEO works for too varies, and hence they need to be mastered well. When you have a professional who is an expert in Joomla as well as in SEO management techniques working for you, the work becomes much easier. However, having a proper concept of the same is always beneficial so that you can thoroughly understand what is being done with your website and the various works that go into optimizing the website and ensuring that you get more and more traffic that is relevant from different sources. Here we are going to give certain suggestions and tips which would help you optimize the Joomla website and perfect the various traffic sources and ensure that you can reap maximum benefits and business out of the website and the promotion done through it.

Preliminary steps

There are some initial steps which have to be performed to optimize the SEO of your site. There are certain accounts which you have to create and verify your website. The first and foremost thing to create is the Google webmaster account, the Google Analytics account, the Google+ personal account, and Bing webmaster account. These accounts would help to keep track of the traffic of your website on. Since you are using a Joomla website, these accounts have to be registered for manually, and they would not be there by default.

Once you have done this, the next step would be to install the SH404SEF which is an SEO extension for Joomla in particular which is very popular. It would help you out with making your URL search engine-friendly. You would also have a central core for updating your entire page Meta titles and descriptions through this extension as well. You can also view all the 404 pages and easily set up the 301 redirects for the new URL through this extension as well. It is considered one of the best options for your Joomla website.
Lastly, the XMap extension for Joomla is another option that is a must install to create the sitemaps easily. You can easily log into the Google webmaster tools and submit the sitemap that is to be indexed by Google.

Optimize the Joomla website contact page

The contact page is an important part of your website, and it should have a proper ranking and indexing as well. It would help other businesses associate with you and have an appropriate listing on the web. Ensure that you have included the company name, address, phone number and then link the page to your Google+ business account. Use the microdata to help and bring more readability to the page. You can also embed the Google map on your contact page to link your business locally to it. By following various steps, we can surely reduce server response time WordPress which can add to more visitors.

Expanding the content

Creating a website with several pages is a clean way of organizing your content. Try and create separate pages for each type of services that your company offers. Do expand the content regarding each type of services and go in depth about them. When you have separate pages and better content, Google and Bing would have more content pages to crawl and rank and be more specific about what your business is doing. Expanding the content by providing new and more innovative contents for the website is a good way to ensure that your site can engage more and more readers. If the content quality is really good, you can even have a source of dedicated traffic as well for your website. If you are working in different locations, then it is important to write content that is specific and unique to each of them.
Look out for duplicate content

When there is duplicate content, it can hamper the overall optimization. Hence ensure that the duplicate contents are being eliminated. Google cannot determine which content is the correct one and has to be indexed and hence associate it with the link credit. That, in turn, causes the overall page ranking to decrease. There are third party tools like the SEOMoz that helps with auditing and managing the duplicate contents by removing them. However, the duplicate contents that appear in Joomla can be cleaned up with the help of the SH404SEF and with .htaccess rewrites as well.


The Joomla website has special extensions and plug-ins designed to boost the SEO for this kind of sites in particular. There are different aspects of the Joomla SEO management, and an expert who knows the Joomla website interface well as well as the SEO management works can easily handle these works for you. With the right kind of techniques for SEO management, a Joomla website can be perfect when you take into consideration the different features and aspects of the site. It can be concluded that by keeping in mind certain aspects of the website development and the SEO works for Joomla, in particular, you can reap a lot of profit through these sites alone.

Author bio: Derek Iwasiuk is a noted blogger about SEO management works in particular. He has a special interest in the SEO administration of the Joomla websites, and his articles on this matter are very informative for the readers who dedicatedly follow his blogs. In this post, the author has also outlined about how to reduce server response time WordPress.


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