New Site Updates Part 1

We have received hundreds of compliments over the past 12 hours of the site being live. This is tremendous and rewarding. Although with any major migration there are going to be some hicups. We have encountered only a few and none of them are detrimental. Here is a list of things to know and what to do:

  1. Can’t Login: An email was dispatched last night to everyone who has a current subscription with their new username and password. We have received many emails explaining that the new usernames and passwords do not work. Please note that you need to copy and paste exactly what is in the screen. We have found that some people are copying the space right after the password which will not allow you to login.
  2. My Account Doesn’t Work: We have purged all unused accounts as part of our house cleaning. This means if you did not have a current subscription your account was not moved over. Please register to the new system.
  3. How to Change Password: When logged in you will see an accounts menu on the left hand side. Click on Details menu and in the top user bar click Change Password.
  4. What is this $0.04 invoice?: We are aware of a issue where your account may show that you have an open invoice where in fact you do not. The issue comes into play since the price in the old system happened to be a 4 cent difference on some accounts. We will have this issue resolved early next week. But if you can not download a product due to this – please contact our support.
  5. What happened to the old site?: We did a major OVERHAUL. It wasn’t an easy task but it was one that was completed over a period of 6-8 months worth of development. We miss the old site – but we really love, love, love, love the new design and structure that we have put together.
  6. Are there any other issues I should be aware of?: Over the past 12 hours our site has been heavily used and tested by you, our users, and thus far we have not found any crazy sort of things. If you find something please report it to us ASAP so that we can get this resolved.

Thank you very much for being a ‘corePHP’ customer.

Kindest regards,

–Steven Pignataro
CEO ‘corePHP’


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