How Do You List Out the application via PHP based on Framework?

PHP is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic web applications with its content that can interact with its databases and also a general-purpose server-side scripting language that runs on the webserver allows to accessing lots of developers. It supports nearly all operating systems like Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc. PHP development is simple and easy to use this language is one of the important reasons behind the platform that is popular among PHP development companies. Thus I have listed out the framework based on its application and usage.

1. Laravel

Those who are looking for the design to be the best part of their site can take over the Laravel framework to utilize. This is one of the most popular frameworks among PHP.

It is a free and open-source framework for PHP. This framework is to develop a simple and clean code in a short time. The syntax is more elegant and it’s a simple tool to enhance the web application with multiple features. It is expensive and described syntax in means of object-oriented.

It has many features that are inbuilt and supports many applications to work very fast on any kind of web hosting for PHP. It has its templating platform called Blade, a local development environment called Homestead, it is an advanced Restful routing system and even has many features to use.

Reason to consider Laravel PHP Platform

  • Thinking to learn a framework to ease going way this might be a correct option
  • Most of the busiest framework in PHP community
  • Most enhanced features
  • Easy for testing purposes

2. Yii 2

It is one of the oldest frameworks in PHP and does not have a supporting nature by a company. Yii 2 is used to provide an efficient and powerful scale of modern web development needs. And also it is a competitor of a framework like Symfony of PHP. The learning curve is easier to obtain knowledge.

The features are unique and very supportive in using and also one of the most important and well-used frameworks among the PHP community. It acts very fast with more elegant design helps to work well with Ajax and also has powerful caching support to make the Yii2 as a more powerful tool.

It allows developers to utilize the model database data into objects. This is to avoid complexity when it is writing with SQL queries on a repetitive basis. The developers use this framework with more efficient and to maintain the web application with more ease.

Reason to consider Yii 2

  • Tools to handle more efficient when it comes to rectifying errors
  • It also enhances Ajax
  • Mostly used framework by the developers to create a powerful web application
  • It can easily integrate with third-party components

3. CakePHP

This framework has worked in many situations that it might be not known by many of them in past days but the release of version 3.7 makes the framework to reach a high number of people.

The release of this software in 2005 under the license of MIT and also allows you to use completely free whether in personal or for commercial use. This framework was mostly used by the automobile sector such as Hyundai, Express, and BMW, etc. By using most of the corporate companies can make you know how important this framework is.

Why should you consider CakePHP?

  • Plugins with easy extension and components to use it with more support
  • Configuration with zero
  • It also supports AJAX
  • The validation is built-in nature

4. CodeIgniter

This is the framework with more powerful and advanced features. Codelgniter is the framework for those who look for the application to be work faster and develop easily. The library of this framework has a simple interface and also it requires a logical structure to access. This is more reachable than other frameworks due to its design and the coding part as it doesn’t require a complex task to handle it.

Reason to consider CodeIgniter

  • Framework for those who are looking for less coding
  • It enhances exceptional performance
  • Tools consist of several features in a single package
  • Tools are built-in with security

5. Phalcon

It is different from the other PHP frameworks as the coding style of this system is based on C and C++. It also provides features to develop web applications in a more useful way.

The exceptional features of this framework are, caching, universal autoloader including asset management, and others. The framework is really easy to use with more detailed and structured documentation to help the developers to understand the PHP better.

Reason to consider Phalcon

  • Framework with fast and more responsive to handle with low overheads
  • Features with high security
  • C-extension has been used
  • Framework with more friendly

6. Slim Framework

This framework enables to develop you the web application with more attributes. It also provides enhanced features. The framework is popular among the developers who are creating APIs as it provides them with simple steps to develop desired APIs.

The micro-based framework is lightweight in design and is great for the application based on the small scale application. Majorly it is used to develop RESTful APIs and different web services. Further, the framework is packed with features like URL routing, sessions, cookie encryption and others that are rich in using the features.

Reason to consider Slim Framework

  • To develop small scale based web apps with great functionalities
  • Those who are looking to develop Restful APIs
  • The framework with more structured documentation
  • Add-ons consists of Flash & HTTP Caching

7. FuelPHP

It is an extendable PHP MVC framework with highly compactable for developing an application. This framework also enhances Hierarchical Model-View-Controller (HMVC), the enhanced version of MVC. It is more flexible to use.

It also concerns security-wise os the apps by providing extensive features like URL filtering and output encoding. The framework has its authentication framework that is widely preferred to develop end to end application.

Reason to consider FuelPHP

  • The framework that supports advanced MVC features
  • Packages are Optimized with authentication
  • To develop high-performance apps
  • Security features are more supportive of this framework

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