How To Do Keyword Research For SEO in 2020

In the world of Content and blogging, one of the most important things that every writer has to do is to look for a good keyword because the entire world of the content and blogging and websites includes good keyword research. It is very important to find out the correct keyword that pertains to your business niche to write content.

In the world of digitalization, it is very important to have the correct content. Hence you must have an excellent content strategy that would also include the proper keyword that pertains to you and your competition. Hence to find out the best keyword, you need to do keyword research. But what lies more important is to have a proper understanding of keyword and keyword research.

In this article, we will not only discuss how to do keyword research but also about many other such characteristics, which would help you to get all the basic knowledge about keywords. 

What are Keywords?

Keywords are also known as SEO keywords, in the technical word what is known as keyword is just what our target audience or internet users type on the search engine to look for whatever they want.

Keywords are the words that we type in the search engine, to surf the internet such as “Pasta Recipe”. Hence it is very important for you to look for the correct keyword based on which you think your target audience will look. The correct keyword will lead you to the correct gateway to your search. Content with the correct keyword will help you to do correct keyword optimization which is also known as SEO.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a process by which one can find out which of the keyword pertaining to your niche is ranking high. So that you can use that to write content for your website which will reach your target audience. You must know who is your potential customer or audience and accordingly, you must plan your content with your keyword.

How to do Keyword Research? 

When you feel that you need to look for keywords and you need to do keyword research, all you need to do is know your niche first as in what is the niche of your business.

It will help you to understand your niche more properly.

You will have to look for long-tail keyword and short-tail keywords and also find out which ranked better.

Long tail is – how to make pasta in an oven

The short tail is – pasta recipe

Try to find out which one suits your niche. Again then after you found your keyword, look for the volume and the KD.

The volume and the Keyword Density are very important aspects of a keyword. The more the volume and the less the KD, it would be easy to make your content rank easily. Hence sort and identify such keywords that will be able to rank easily.

It is always suggested that writing a long tail keyword is always profitable.

How to use the keyword? 

Now, it is very important to understand that Google is very clever and it strictly does not allow if we forcefully try to incorporate the keywords. Google only scrolls if it finds that the keywords are naturally incorporated in the content.

  • The keyword should always be naturally put in the content. It must not seem that you have forced the keyword. You must know when and how to use it efficiently.
  • SEO and SEM play an important role in keyword implementation hence when you chose you. But there is a technique of using the keyword. Consider the keyword as a topic and deal with them like a topic.
  • You will have to know what is the main pillar of the content hence the focus keyword about which you have to write and then find the LSI keywords which will help you to make your content broad and write all around it properly making it more descriptive.
  • But there are also some limitations like do not use the focus keyword too much because of the fact that Google would mark you negatively and it will consider that you have purposely used the focused keyword way too much just to rank in the search engine.
  • According to the new update that has been taken lately by Google, experts say that Google will scan thoroughly and it will choose the content which is closest to the keyword that has been typed to look for. It will focus more and more on long-tail keywords to get the result of the audience who searches anything.


We have here given you all the details of how to do keyword research for SEO in 2020, we hope all these pointers will be helpful for you and you will keep on reading more articles with us.

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MashumMollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at idreamagency, a blogger outreach platform. He is a passionate blogger and blogs at OnlineMarketingTools.



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