Introducing the New ThemeXpert Redesign

Themexpert Site Redesign

We’re proud to announce the launch of a new website design for our partner company, ThemeXpert. After months of development, you’ll see things looking spiffy over at The site has been completely redesigned and recreated from the ground up. The site has been streamlined and reworked to make it faster and easier to navigate for users. They launched a brand new support forum and increased their user documentation. We’re pretty confident you’ll like it, so head over there to check out the new experience.

Here are just a few impressive features this newly-minted site offers:

Faster Design

When ThemeXpert sat down to redesign their site, they had one main objective: to increase usability and make the site FAST. They streamlined their navigation menus – making it simple and easy for you to find what you need. They restructured their content so it’s easy to read and understand. They improved their subscription checkout for an easier experience from start to finish. You’ll find the most extensive changes on the homepage, the template information pages, and the documentation page.

Powerful Support Forum

Along with the new site, ThemeXpert has completely redesigned their support forum from scratch. They decided to set it up a little differently than your typical support forum for easier navigation and searching. The forum is now set up similar to a question and answer system. You can search the database, post a question, vote for the best reply, and mark a question as “resolved”. You can also browse by category or tag so you can easily find the answers you need.

Increased Documentation

ThemeXpert has also rewritten and reworked their support documentation. You’ll find extensive documentation on all Joomla templates and extensions ThemeXpert offers. You can search the documentation if you have a specific question, or you can browse one of the helpful how-to sections. You’ll find a complete tutorial on how to use Joomla, entitled “Joomla A-Z.” While beginners will appreciate the how-to guide on installing and setting up Joomla, more advanced users can turn to “Joomla 2.5 Tutorial” to improve their skills. There’s even a “Tutorial” section which answers basic questions like “How to install Template and Expose Framework,” “How to modify the template,” and more.

New Prices

In order to improve the excellence of their products and provide better service to their customers, ThemeXpert has decided to raise their membership prices. ThemeXpert offers three levels of membership: Basic, Stand and Pro. With a single membership, you can now use their products across multiple domains. However, support is limited to the domains included in your subscription.

Redesigned Logo

ThemeXpert has completed redesigned their logo to encompass everything their company stands for. The brand new logo looks bright, cutting-edge and unforgettable. They’ve also included their long-standing maxim, “Excellence in pixels.” A great logo can go a long way in the branding of a company and ThemeXpert nailed it with this one.


Check out their site to get a feel for the new experience. Since ThemeXpert is always working to improve their site, let us know if you find any areas that need a little work. As a thank you for checking out their new site, ThemeXpert is offering a 15% discount until June 15th.

Michael Pignataro


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