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We’re looking for guest bloggers who can provide valuable, high-quality content that aligns with our website’s niche and target audience. Whether you have a unique perspective on a hot industry topic or a deep understanding of a particular tool or technique, we want to hear from you!


When you contribute a guest blog to our site, we’ll provide you with clear guidelines and expectations to ensure your post meets our quality standards. We’ll also give you the flexibility to choose your own topic and share your personal insights and experiences with our readers.


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Guest Blogs

We welcome the submission of any blog post that follows our strict Guest Blogging Guidelines

  • The Article must be 100% unique – Spun articles will get you and your promoted URL a permanent ban from further submission.
  • Minimum of 1,000 words in body content
  • We allow one dofollow link to your promoted TLD (as long as it a similar topic, No adult sites, must be web-tech related) in your bio only, but not in the article content body.
  • We reserve the right to “nofollow” any link in body content
  • We reserve editorial rights to change content as needed for our purposes.
  • Blog post may not promote any competitor or competitor’s service.

Guest Blog Post Topics

We are currently interested in guest posts on ONLY the following topics. 

You MUST choose one of these topics and your content MUST be closely related to the topic for consideration:

  • E-Commerce – Joomla or paGO Commerce related ONLY
  • Web Development or E-Commerce Best Practices & Tutorials
  • Helpful Tips and guides for Joomla or Joomla E-Commerce
  • Joomla! News
  • “Top 10” lists for Joomla Extensions and Templates
  • WordPress “how-to” Tutorials – Must be complete tutorials including images and/or video

All blog posts MUST include

  • 1000 word minimum
  • At least one image, 960px x 960px minimum size, 2500px x 2500px maximum size, 200Kb maximum file size
  • Proof of image license or ownership (if required)
  • Author Name
  • Author Profile Image
  • Author Bio, 100 words maximum, 1 link to website maximum in bio.

Author bio may include one (and only one) social media link to the any *one* of the following in addition to the website backlink:

  • X (Twitter) Profile
  • Company Facebook Page
  • Company LinkedIn Page
  • Company Youtube Page

Note: If accepted, the submitted blog post 

1) may NOT appear in original OR spun form on any other website

2) becomes the property of ‘corePHP’.


By submitting your guest blog post to ‘corePHP’, you agree to these and the above terms of submission.

Guest blog submissions are subject to a $75 fee prior to posting to .

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