Great Online Sales Promotion Ideas

In this competitive market, engaging prospects is challenging enough, but closing the sale can seem all but impossible sometimes.  Having a great online store isn’t sufficient now; you need to draw customers to your store in order to make a hefty number of sales. To help you out, here are some proven methods that will draw people to your product page, and will give you a better chance of closing a sale.

Lock In Exclusivity

A great way to ensure a boost in online sales is to contact different manufacturers of different products that you sell, to have an exclusive rights on one of their future releases.

Now before the product gets released, you can start distributing limited invites to people online. Thus, people who will be able to secure an invite will be able to make a purchase when the product goes for sale.

Since, you will be the only one selling this product, therefore you can eliminate any kind of competition with this method. Also, limited invites will increase the craze amongst the customers, and will in turn drive more and more interested buyers when you have more invites to distribute.

Now, securing an exclusive sales rights for a major commercial product can be difficult as well as expensive, but you can always start by trying with some not so popular products at your first go. We have witnessed many online shopping websites do this and have immense success, where thousands of copies of the products got sold out in a couple of seconds, every time the sale went live.

Your Own Product

If you are selling a product that you create, maybe a digital good or any physical goods, then you have some great options to increase your sales.

You can have it reviewed by bloggers and other online magazines based on your product niche. What this does, is increase your chances of closing a sale, as a nice review from a trusted place instils confidence in your product within new customers.


The reviewer acts as a trusted middleman in the sale, trusted by both the parties, thus new customers who are not familiar with your brand or your products will think of trying out your product since it is recommended by someone they trust.

Alternatively, you can give away copies of your products at a discounted rate or for free as a part of any giveaway on some popular blogs. Giveaways increase your brand awareness and promote your product which might result in sales afterwards by people who didn’t get a chance to win a copy of your product from the competition.

Leave It To The Affiliates

The next technique deals with sales that comes through an affiliate. You can run an affiliate program on your online shopping website regardless of the fact whether you sell your own product or sell third party products.

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest and best promotion methods on the internet. All you need to do is install an affiliate system on your shopping cart, and get people to do the promotion for you.

If you give your affiliates a decent cut on each sale, they can go to various extents to close a sale for you. They will do promotion on social media, word of mouth, write up reviews themselves on their blogs and in many more ways which would be difficult for you to manage.

This is also a cost effective way of promotion since you don’t pay upfront, and you pay only when you make a sale. So, results are guaranteed in this approach.

Be Generous To Your Loyal Customers

A way to make your returning customers, keep coming back is to offer them some privileges which new customers won’t have. It can either be some loyalty points accumulated every time the customers makes a purchase or can be some hefty discount exclusively for the old and the returning customers.

Make them feel special. Show them that you truly value their purchases and they won’t ever choose any other website when they are about a make a purchase.

Image Credit: auntneecey


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