Cost-Effective Ways to Protect Your Business

Being a business owner I am always looking for ways to improve our business and with the continuous rise in the reported cases of cybercriminals targeting businesses has highlighted the pressing need for companies of all sizes to update, upgrade and assess their online security. No matter if you’re running a department for a large corporation or you’re an SME running out of a brick and mortar store in your hometown, the need for strong security has never been such an important part of business management. It’s not simply your own data that you need to secure, as very often it is the data that you store from your customers that criminals will target, so you need to ensure that you are protecting them as well as yourself. Of course, with a strong security-focused attitude, you can also increase customers’ trust in you and your services, so it’s of maximum importance that you take steps now to ensure your safety and protect your business from threats. ‘corePHP’ has been offering services for years to help against hacking and threats.

Is your staff in your business security aware?

Sadly, the majority of data breaches occur due to employees. Unintentional it may be, but weak passwords and lax security-focused attitudes can leave a door open for those wishing to exploit any security gaps. This is why it is now essential to dedicate time to staff training, which can be done in-house, or by using one of the variety of companies that can implement sessions for you. Your staff needs to be very aware of the need for safe internet use, and that means strong passwords and how to avoid phishing scams. All staff training should stress the importance of password changes every 30-60 days, and that extends not just to account access but to wi-fi passwords as well. Hackers will use any route in that they can, and you need to look at the possible ways in that they could utilize.

Upgrade your defenses

For many people, the idea of upgrading their security software is a simple matter of clicking the button that agrees to the installation of an update, but you need to look a little further than that. A security assessment of your current online protection systems is essential. Look at your current firewall protection and assess its value. Many businesses are recognizing that firewalls are often the bare minimum that you can use, and are opting to take advantage of the increased levels of protection offered by providers like, proving that enhanced security is available to everyone, no matter the size of your business structure.

Go Paperless

It’s no use having the best online security imaginable if you’re still using paper in the office. Cybercriminals don’t simply rely on what they can access online, they also look through discarded paperwork for hard copy data that they can then use at their leisure. However, with a strong internet security procedure in place, going paperless is far more secure, and with the efficiency of document sharing software allowing instant communication across your company, you can save vast sums of money as well. Going paperless is not simply good security practice, it is also a proven time-saver, and when time is money, then you may be missing out on the simplest way to protect your business and save money at the same time.

Love to hear your feedback how you are helping your business with stronger security measures.


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