The Most Comprehensive Collection of the Best WordPress Plugins – Part II

In the second part of the series, we will dive straight into the variety of SEO plugins that WordPress have to offer. Now-a-days, blogging is not just about writing content as you also need to understand the vast opportunity of the search engine market and grab the target audience.

There are a wide variety of plugins which can help you to make your WordPress site more and more search-engine friendly and improve the overall SEO of your site. So, in this part of the series we will focus on all the essential SEO plugins that you may need for your WordPress site.

SEO Plugins

These plugins can help you a lot in boosting the search engine rankings by improving the on-site SEO of your WordPress blog. You can make your website more search-engine friendly and can track your ranking progress too.

SEOPressor 5 (Premium)


This plugin have improved a lot over the years, and what it offers now is extremely desirable for almost all beginners and professional level SEO experts.


All in One SEO Pack (Free)


A very simple and easy to use SEO plugin to take care of your entire sites on-page SEO. It is a must have for all the beginners.


Scribe SEO (Premium)


It is a very powerful yet user-friendly plugin which can help you in writing your content based on profitable keywords and also optimize the content to make it rank better in the SERPs.


WordPress SEO by Yoast (Free)


It is one of the most complete and advanced SEO plugins, which can give you full control of almost every single aspect of your WordPress sites SEO.


Google XML Sitemaps (Free)


This plugin does an important job of creating a clean sitemap of your entire site so that the search engines can navigate and index your site with ease.


SEO Smart Links (Premium)


It is a powerful plugin which can automatically interlink your posts based on its intelligent algorithms giving you a taste of better search engine rankings.


SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY (Premium)


If you need to create unique and resourceful articles, then this plugin can give you the expert assistance you need with its amazing features and easy-to-use user interface.


SEO Friendly Images (Free)


SEO is not just about optimizing your content as you need to give proper marketing care to your images too and this plugin is just what you want as it can make your job super-easy.


SEO Rank Reporter (Free)


This plugin can help you in keeping track of the keyword rankings through its intuitive and easy-to-read graph.


Simple 301 Redirects (Free)


This simple plugin does a great job by letting you preserve the URL structure of your WordPress site by helping you to easily redirect from one page to the other.


WP Social SEO Booster (Free)


SEO is turning its importance more and more towards social influence, and this plugin can help you harness the true social power of your blog by adding, Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Social Cards, Google Rich Snippets, etc.


We have come to an end of this dedicated “SEO” episode of the series and I am sure that the plugins mentioned here will help you to improve the search engine rankings of your blog and will also help you drive more and more laser-targeted organic traffic.

In the next part of the series, we will continue with a very important aspect of WordPress, that is – Security and Spam Prevention. So, stay tuned for the next part of the series.


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