Community ACL 1.1 is UNVEILED!

Does Joomla!'s lack of ACL make you pull your hair out? Save money on hair implants and get Community ACL 1.1

After a long wait, the newest version of Community ACL has been released! If you were dissatisfied with the menu patch process in the older version, then you are not alone. Now Community ACL has its own menu that it relies on for its functionality.  No more patches!

Furthermore, we have introduced an HTML override (file) for the Joomla! Registration page. This new feature, based on popular request, allows Administrators to provide users the opportunity to choose which group(s) they would like to join. How does it work? Simple. Let’s call these groups “Registration Membership Types.” Based on the Registration Membership Type that a user chooses, he/she will be automatically added to several groups/roles/functions. The Administrator specifies the groups/roles/functions that each Registration Membership Type will possess. The Administrator has the privilege to setup as many as 61 different Registration Membership Types!

Additionally, we have a new content plugin that enables Administrators to hide/display a portion of article(s) using a code snippet. For example, an Administrator might want faculty members to see the announcement for a staff meeting (which is announced in the middle of an article) but might not want students to see it. The Administrator can wrap that portion of the article in a code snippet like this:

{cacl group=”school”|role=”teachers”}Meet at Staff lounge at 9:00 am.{/cacl}

The snippet will hide the specified content unless the user belongs to the group “school” and the role “teacher.”

We’ve also added new documentation that integrates the installation manual with the main documentation file. Additionally, we’ve added documentation that describes how to implement the HTML override and the content plugin. Along with the text, there are visual illustrations that will guide you as you use the component.

We are also happy to announce that we will soon offer new services for installation and upgrades to make your life easier. This will be announced later this week. So go ahead and purchase your subscription or download the latest copy. If you haven’t purchased – then what are you waiting for? Click on the links below. Or, keep reading to check out our bug fixes for this release.

Many other features have been implemented – just check out our change log below.

Buy it now! To purchase Community ACL 1.1, go to purchase a subscription.

If you already have a subscription to Community ACL, download here.


Bug Fixes: We will continue to provide fixes for bugs as time goes on. Announcements of release dates for upgrades will be posted on our site, on facebook and on twitter.

For a complete list of fixes, please take a look at our change log:

—————- 1.1 Released– [ 5-October-2009 ] ———————-

# Bug Fix: Issue with editor: It displayed an ‘array merge’ error on the top of the editor.
# Bug Fix: Issue with installer calling an undefined function during installation process.
# Bug Fix: Issue with redirect values not being stored when a URL was entered under role/group.
# Bug Fix: Issue with tables setup: missing/undefined field names.
# Bug Fix: ALERTNOACCESS message. Issue fixed. Now displays “Sorry, but you don’t have enough privileges to see this article”
# Bug Fix: Issue with Community Builder/ACL userrg file. The redirect URLs were incorrect. Fixed the query to pull the correct URLs for the right group or role.
# Bug Fix: Issue with the Select Role dropdown list. It didn’t display the appropriate role(s) for a group during the process of adding new user(s) to a group.
# Bug Fix: Issue with Section Manager/ Category Manager/ Section Manager showing at top menu level – even after they have been restricted.

Buy it now! To purchase Community ACL 1.1, go to purchase a subscription.

If you already have a subscription to Community ACL, download here.

–Steven Pignataro
CEO ‘corePHP’


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