Community ACL – 1.0.15 – HUGE UPDATES

After months of developing and working with various clients on strategic updates, we are now officially releasing a major update to Community ACL packed with new features and enhancements. The most exciting updates include detailed documentation (very much requested), simple redirection upon login, enhanced GUI changes, improved handling of permissions, auto registration for Community Builder, and much, much more!  Check out a complete list of all the fixes below and get your copy today.

  • Bug Fix: Issue with some server settings where error reporting was not controlled by Joomla! but instead of the server – errors are printed out. Fixed
  • Bug Fix: Issue with redirect looping on the frontend. Issue with the latest version of Joomla! – now fixed
  • Bug Fix: Issue with Function setup. When Edit & Publish were denied but Add was allowed, Unauthorized Message displayed for Add Action. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Issue with undefined variable under Group column when attempting to remove a user from a role.
  • Bug Fix: Issue with Undefined offset under list of Languages
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some synchronization issues that appeared on some servers.
  • Addition: Added the ability to assign a user to a role of a group under Add Users in the Groups control.
  • Addition: Added the ability to create custom redirects for login -> For Users / Groups / Roles
  • Addition: Documentation completed
  • Addition: Added a feature ability for strictly Administrators to Bulk add Users to Groups / Roles / Functions
  • Change: Updated the configuration GUI and added some additional features such as Community Builder / JomSocial Group and Role Management
  • Change: Included a Hack section primarily to take care of the hacks into Joomla! in order to make Community ACL functional.
  • Change: Major overhaul of the Help section – removal of the ‘About Us’ section.
  • Change: GUI Updates across the entire application
  • Note: Core changes in the code – it’s updated and more robust with a smaller footprint.
  • Note: Many other updates have been applied – over 20 new additions or fixes – too many to keep track of with the limited time of this change log!

We hope you enjoy this release just as much as we have enjoyed developing it. Buy it now on our subsription page

–Steven Pignataro
CEO ‘corePHP’


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